Latest Puhoi Road Closures

This is the current road closure list for roadwork closures on Puhoi Road, with info supplied from NX2. Note that the signage boards etc. around the works may not reflect this list – as in an arrangement with NX2 they will open the road/implement stop/go when possible to allow locals to come and go when gaps in the works allow, letting us know at PuhoiNZ as frequently as possible, but they can’t keep the public signage up to date.

Mon 24 FebOpenall day
Tue 25 FebOpenall day
Wed 26 FebOpenall day
Thu 27 FebOpenall day
Fri 28 FebOpenall day
Sat 29 FebStop/Go09:00AM
Sun 1 MarOpen
all day
Mon 2 MarOpen
all day
Tue 3 MarOpen
all day
Wed 4 MarOpenall day
Thu 5 MarOpen/Goall day
Fri 6 MarOpenall day
Sat 7 MarOpenall day
Sun 8 MarClosed09:00 PM04:30 AM
Mon 9 MarClosed09:00 PM04:30 AM
Tue 10 MarClosed09:00 PM04:30 AM
Wed 11 MarClosed09:00 PM04:30 AM
Thu 12 MarClosed09:00 PM04:30 AM
Fri 13 MarOpenall day
Sat 14 MarOpenall day
Sun 15 MarClosed09:00 PM04:30 AM
Mon 16 MarClosed09:00 PM04:30 AM
Tue 17 MarClosed09:00 PM04:30 AM
Wed 18 MarClosed09:00 PM04:30 AM
Thu 19 MarClosed09:00 PM04:30 AM

Change to Road Closures in 1st Week of March

Click for Summary of upcoming closures

Dear Neighbour,

I writing to update you about night time road closure at Pūhoi.  I would like to keep you regularly updated with what we are doing and when. If you receive this email you are on my regular update list, if you don’t wish to be updated please let me know and I will remove you from my list. 

I have been in discussions with the structures team and have been able to modify the hours of road closure for the first week.

This information will not be advertised to the general public, except Pūhoi residents and others that may be affected, the SH1 signs will not change

The first week of road closures from Sunday 1 March to Thursday 5 March will now be:

Sunday – Open

Monday – Closed – 9pm – 4.30am

Tuesday –  Stop/Go only

Wednesday – Stop/Go only

Thursday – Stop/Go only

Friday & Saturday – Open

The remaining two weeks (8-19 March) the road will remain closed from Sunday to Thursday’s – 9pm-4.30am.

If there are any other changes I will let you know on a day by day basis. 

We will be at the Pūhoi community Market on Sunday if you wish to come and visit us. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Ngā mihi 

Roslyn Prictor

NX2 Stakeholder and Communications Team

P. 0508 P2WK INFO (0508 7295 4636)  E.         W.

A. 45 Wyllie Road, Warkworth   P.  P.O Box 690, Warkworth 0941

Fibre Broadband Coming To Puhoi: Nov 2020

We’ve just heard that work will hopefully be starting on the UFB rollout to Puhoi in November.

Vision stream is building the network in some other towns in Rodney – below is a list with provisional dates for the start of the work. Please note that these dates are highly susceptible to change.

Kaukapakapa Apr-20
Leigh Feb-20
Mahurangi Jan-21
Mahurangi West May-20
Muriwai Beach BUILT
Point Wells Sep-20
Puhoi Nov-20
Waiwera Jan- 21

Puhoi Road Closures

Dear Neighbour,

I writing to let  you know that there has been an update on the timings for the night-time Pūhoi Road closure.  The VMS message board on SH1 should now echo this.

The new dates have been changed to include Sunday nights and the road closure now starts at 9pm. 

I will continue to give regular update to those most affected. 

I will drop of the hard copy notification to all P.O Boxes at Pūhoi tomorrow. 

Schedule of road closures and stop/go traffic management.

Mon 24 Feb to Thur 27 Feb 2020 Stop/Go traffic management – 8.00pm – 4.30am
Sun 01 Mar to Thur 05 Mar 2020 Road Closed – 9.00pm – 4.30am
Sun 08 Mar to Thur 12 Mar 2020 Road Closed – 9.00pm – 4.30am
Sun 15 Mar to Thur 19 Mar 2020 Road Closed – 9.00pm – 4.30am

If you travel regularly during these times, we would appreciate if you could let us know in advance, so we can keep you updated. 

For those that live close to these works, I will be in contact with you shortly. 

We acknowledge the inconvenience of these works to motorists and Pūhoi residents and thank you for your understanding while we complete this important work.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our communications team via email: or our 24/7 freephone: 0508 P2WK INFO (0508 7295 4636) if you have any questions.


this coming Auckland Anniversary Weekend
Saturday, 25 January

The harbour will be alive with boats, large and small, classic, quirky and performance ready.  Watch the boats arrive on Friday night from Tangutu Point.
Get amongst it on the water on Saturday and either watch or participate in the many events.  Gather the kids and all those who are young at heart (if not body) and join in the shore events at Sullivans Bay for all the classic beach events like sand sculptures, running, swimming races, spud and spoon, dinghy races, tug or war and the ultimate in egg throwing competitions.
Then dance the night away at Scotts Landing for the Prize Giving Dance.

For full details of all events both Sailing and Shore-based and the free Regatta Shuttle Information please refer to the Mahurangi Magazine website:

9.00–9.30 am – Registrations for Classic Launch Parade. Craft depart Scotts Landing 10.15 am
9.00–11.30 am – Entries for sailing events
9.00–11 .00am – Launching of trailered boats entered in regatta, at Sullivans Bay
9.30–11.30 am – The Jane Gifford assumes her station as start boat
10 am–6 pm – In Scott Homestead: Axiomatic Landscapes and other stories of the Mahurangi
10.30 am – Classic Launch Parade—best viewed, and commentary heard, from southern half of beach
11.00 am – SHORESIDE EVENTS BEGIN—running, sack, three-legged, and spud and spoon (enter by presenting at starting line)
12.00 pm – Master of the MahurangiSailing events commence:
12.40 pm – Te Haupa Trophy
12.50 pm – Sailing dinghy classes – Frostbites, Mistrals and Zephers
1.00 pm – A-Class
1.20 pm – Mahurangi Cup, L-Class, and Traditional Spirit Trophy
1.40 pm – Mid-Century Classics – modern classics
1.00 pm–2.30 pm Sand sculpture – Divisions for under 7 years, 7 to 11 years, 12 to 16 years and adults
2.00 pm – Shore-side events resume—swimming, kayak, open (sit-on) kayak, and, possibly, dinghy, blindfold boat, lost-the-dinghy-oars, rowed inflatable etc.— and any other event suggested that seems a good idea at the time! – water run, egg throwing (enter by presenting at starting line)
3.30 pm–4.30 pm – Retrieval of trailered boats entered in regatta, at Sullivans Bay
4.00 pm – Tug-of-war
4.15 pm – Humongous annual egg-throwing competition
4.30 pm – Lolly scramble (grand finale of shore-side events)
6 pm – Prize-giving dance commences at Scotts Landing, with musicians from the West City Jazz Orchestra
8 – 8.30pm – Prize giving
8.45 pm – Prize giving dance resumes, with the full West City Jazz Orchestra resumes
11 pm – Last dance
12 am – Last run by free regatta shuttle from Scotts Landing, all the way—for those who need it—to Mahurangi West

Puhoi Village Market

Located in the heart of Historic Puhoi Village. Come & savour fresh local produce and crafts in a relaxed and friendly setting. While you sit and listen to the live music and enjoy the laid back Puhoi atmosphere, the kids can burn off some energy in the safe play area alongside.

We have a great variety of stalls ranging from our vibrant community stall, which offers local seasonal produce, to fresh roasted coffee, freshly baked bread, eggs, local honey, olive oil, boutique sausages, hand made soaps, delicious food to eat at the Market or to take home, organic seedlings, native plants, beautiful art and crafts and much more.

Why not make a day of it after visiting the market and head to the Puhoi Pub, Art of Cheese Cafe or Puhoi Cottage Tearooms for lunch.
Or maybe hire a canoe from Puhoi River Canoes and explore the Puhoi River down to Wenderholm Regional Park.

This quirky, friendly Market is on the last Sunday of each month, 9.00am to 1.00pm. Free parking available. Hope to see you all there.

Possible Delays at SH1 Junction

There will be an early morning  concrete pour happening on Tuesday 21st January at our Pūhoi bridge site (Pier B) for the headstock structure. This is near our SAP 9 entrance, just north of Pūhoi Road.  The pour will start at 4am and last approximately seven hours,  staff will be on site earlier than this to set up.  Works will be modified to comply with night noise limits.


With the summer season in full swing we are making the most of the fine weather and moving as much dirt as we can, there’s  a lot of work happening at the moment in the South.  From the work happening near the Johnstones hill tunnels, Billings Road to Pūhoi and all the way to Mahurangi West Road.  We are moving and smoothing the earth as fast as we can getting it ready for pavements (roading surface) to be put down. 


On top of that we have our structures team working hard on the bridges in Okahu and Pūhoi, you can really see the progress now which is quite exciting.  The team have started lifting the large beams/girders onto the Okahu bridge, they still have a few more lifts to go before they start on the deck/roading surface on top.

There are two more Headstocks to pour at the Pūhoi site with the one (as above on the 21st Jan) being the first one, the will pour the last headstock approximately a week later.  I will notify you closer to the time this happens. 


Lifting of the girders onto the Pūhoi bridge is also happening soon, and one of the first girders to be lifted on top will span over the top of Pūhoi road.  There are four 44meter beams to lift into place over Pūhoi Road, so as you can imagine this will take some time and careful planning to complete.  The lifts are also very weather dependant as there can’t be too much wind when the lifting happens. There is also lots of other work that needs to happen like bracing the girders, and a bit later on placing the deck panels and concreting the deck on top. 


For safety reasons, the placing /lifting of the girders will require a temporary closure of Pūhoi Road (between SH1 and Pūhoi Close) for a few hours at a time (detours will be in place).  This will happen at night between the hours of 9.30pm and 4.30am and is due to start around mid February.  The Pūhoi Road/SH1 intersection will be busy over the next couple of months so please slow down when coming around this corner. There will be Stop/Go traffic management in place for a while, predominately at night time, to allow us to work on the bridge safely.  There will be no works on Friday or Saturday nights. 


Dates have not been confirmed yet so this is just a heads up that its in the pipe line, I will send out an official notification closer to when it happens and talk more to those that this may affect.  If you are active or know of others that travel at this time (9.30pm and 4.30am)  I’d love to know ahead of time so I can keep those that need to know regularly updated.  Provisions have been made so emergency services are still able to get though during road closure times. 


If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Kind regards

Roslyn Prictor

NX2 Stakeholder and Communications Team

  1. 0508 P2WK INFO (0508 7295 4636)E.         W.
  2. 45 Wyllie Road, Warkworth P.  P.O Box 690, Warkworth 0941
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