Watch Out, Thieving Buggers About…

Once again we seem to have some undesirables in the area in what looks like an orchestrated attack.

Last night Paul Manton’s place on the hill just before J tolhopf Rd ,container and out sheds were robbed. The gate chain and container locks were cut as well as a main entrance dead bolt door smashed. It happened between Tues and 7am wed( Tues night) They used a vehicle “ ute or surf type” with large mud tyres and possibly had a trailer . They have taken a lot of personal stuff which they will possibly throw away as it will have no value to them as well as tools and valuable possessions etc . They backed down the side of the house and parked by the container as well as out by the road .  If any one saw any vehicles looking suspicious or looked like they were moving house or loads of stuff ,  around Ahuroa rd through these times  please contact me . They may of headed either to Puhoi or Ahuroa couldn’t tell.

Someone let our pet Ram out of his pen the day before and the steely boys may of given him the bash as he was covered in mud as if rolled around , I only hope Leroy broke their knee first.  Leroy’s ok and back in Pen with treats.

If anyone has any information that might help the police track down these people please pass it on. The sooner they are put away the better. We always look out for each other in Puhoi.