High on A Hill Was A Lonely Goat(herd)

Hi, I’m Jumbo the goat. I recently lost my partner and I’m feeling a bit lonely. If anyone can help me find a friend I’d be so grateful as life in my field is a little bleak at the moment.

I enjoy climbing and outdoor, pursuits. I’m solvent and have my own, well stocked, home

Phone Sally Brown on 0210683721 if you can help me

Looking for a Little Space

We are looking for a space to park with our caravan in Puhoi or close by. We are self-contained, so we really only need a level piece of ground, but if there’s a tap or the use of a toilet and shower that would be perfect.
Please contact Sabina & Jim if you have space and would like to discuss details. We are a gardener and builder and could offer help in exchange if that would interest you or a weekly rate.
Phone: 021-1515088

Practice Space Needed

Puhoi’s premier Celtic Sessions band is in desperate need of a new place to practice. If anyone has a room/barn/shed/ballroom big enough for 30 compact musicians to swing a fretboard, can you get in touch with Alan Wagstaff (alanthewag@outlook.com). Musos being creatures of habit, the preference is for a couple of hours on Thursday evenings, within stepdance distance of the village. A small stipend will be available to the owner…