Spoilt for Choice: Volunteering Opportunities This Weekend

Opportunity 1 – Saturday, Track Maintenance

After a magnificent weekend of community effort last week, we managed to gravel about two thirds of our wonderful lookout track . Over last few years parts of the track have suffered a bit under heavy use (particularly from extra traffic from the trail) and rain has eroded the surface. We are applying a topping of gravel (3m3 kindly donated by JK Contracting) to it and fixing up some of the steps.

In case you’re new to the village, the track rises through the tree, starting next to the toilets in the domain car park over the bridge. It is a beautiful, invigorating walk/run/puff up through verdant dappled bush to meet up with the ridge track. It is now part of the Te Araroa Trail, but was built several years ago completely by village volunteer effort – no small feat as it comprises 120-odd steps. As part of the River Park, it is owned and maintained by the community (not Auckland Council or the Local Board) . We can be proud of our park and the work we put into its upkeep.

This Saturday we’ll have another working bee to apply the rest of the gravel to the steps – not much to finish, but the remaining work is at the top so requires quite a bit of effort to get the material up there. We’ve been unable to use machinery to get the gravel up there as the paddocks are so wet and muddy, but waiting for drier weather would leave the track open to further deterioration.

If you can spare an hour or so, and don’t mind taking a bucket of gravel with you while enjoying a bit of exercise in the fresh air, please come along and give us a hand. We’ll be working from 10am onwards.

Opportunity 2 – Sunday. Planting

Again in the our River Park, we are planting natives along the River Bank. Please come along and between 8:00 and 12:00, bring a spade , smile (& possibly, a raincoat) and help us make the park even more beautiful, it belongs to us all in Puhoi!