Puhoi Heritage Trail


A walking guide to Puhoi Village’s historical sites with maps and brief notes to points of interest.

1. Shrine

Erected for the 90-year celebrations in 1953 in memory of the settlers.

2. Convent School

Built in 1923 in competition with the Public School (11), closed in 1964 because of a falling roll. Now houses the Museum.

3. Convent

Opened 29th June 1923 as residence for the Sisters who taught at the Convent School. Closed 1964 with the Convent School.

4. Second presbytery

Built in 1906 as parish priest’s residence.

5. Church of Saints Peter and Paul

Opened 10th August 1881, built by the community led by John Wenzlick.
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6. Site of the first presbytery

Built circa 1877, ultimately demolished.

7. Grove of trees planted in 1953

Part of the 90-year celebrations, planted by descendants of the pioneers to beautify the church grounds.

8. Hall

Puhoi Town Hall, opened Easter Monday 1900, renamed Centennial Hall in 1963.
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9. Landing Site

Memorial erected in 1988 to commemorate the site where two nikau whare (huts) were built to house the first settlers.

10.First Post Office/Teacher’s House

A school house stood on this site from 1874. Captain Krippner was the village’s first postmaster (the Post Office was housed here), and his wife the first teacher. The present house was built in 1884.

11. Site of the first Public School

Built in 1872, and closed in 1923 when the competing Convent School opened. It later served as the village hall. The building there now was originally a wharf shed.

12. Store

The first store on this site was opened in 1878 by John Schollum. Destroyed by fire in 1939, and replaced by the present store.
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13. Roads Board Office/Library

Erected circa 1913 to house the Roads Board, empowered to rate residents in order to finance road building. In 1923 it became the Library, but the contents were destroyed in the 1924 flood. It reopened as a Library in 1976.
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14. Site of the Wharf and Wharf Sheds

The wharf was Puhoi’s lifeline (photo 4) until the main road improved in the 1920’s. A regular service brought supplies and took produce to the Auckland market. In the 1924 flood, one wharf shed floated away and sank. The other now stands on the opposite side of the road.
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15. Puhoi Hotel

A hotel on this site opened in 1879. It was replaced by the present building in 1900. The current Hotel Bar contains a display of artefacts and historical photos.
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16. Hotel Stables

The first hotel in Puhoi opened in 1876. Various stable buildings, essential in the days of horse drawn traffic, have been on this site since then.

17. Site of Saleyards and Cattle Dip

The first cattle sale was held in Puhoi on September 29th 1877 in a paddock. The saleyards were opened around the turn of the century. All cattle moving south had to be dipped at Puhoi to eradicate tick. This cattle dip was opened around 1922.

18. Site of the first Tennis Courts

Widely used during the 1920’s, these courts were subject to persistent flooding. The new courts in the domain opened in 1948. Puhoi River Motors now occupies the site.

19. Bullock-drawn Dray

As used for early bush clearance.
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20. Site of Schischka Boarding House and Store

A large two storey building opened here in 1876. The boarding house closed during the Great Depression.

21. Puhoi Cottage

Built 1907 as a homestead, for many years a cafe/tea rooms, but now a private residence again.

22. Cemetery

Land was designated from the first days of settlement, and bylaws drawn up in 1892. Most pioneers are buried in the cemetery.
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