Puhoi Town Library

library-mediumThe small white concrete building on the Puhoi river bank has been used as a venue for meetings, first aid post, mortuary and a small craft outlet. Today is serves as the Puhoi town library. Get inside and browse through the over 4,500 items.

Back in 1913 the building was erected and ten years later the Puhoi Road Board gave it to the Puhoi people. It was then in 1923 when the Puhoi Town Library was established. Sadly enough the library was filled with 6ft of silt after the the “Great Flood” in 1924.

It was only in 1977 when the building was re-established as the library of Puhoi. Flooded once again in 2001 the library now has over 4,500 items all of which have been donated.

Library opening hours

Monday closed
Tuesday closed
Wednesday 11am – 1pm
Thursday 12pm-2pm
Friday 10am-2pm
Saturday 10am – 2pm
Sunday 10am – 2pm