Puhoi Road Closure Timing

Just circulating this reponse from Rosalyn Prictor at NX2 following communicating some concerns we expressed that the road was being shutoff to people trying to get back into the village before the advertised time:

Dear Neighbours,

We are progressing well with deck panel installation across Pūhoi Road and thank everyone for their continued patience.

I have received a number of concerns that the road closure is shutting early and that people have been turned around /not let through before the 9.30pm cut off time. I have talked to various people here at management level and have been assured that this will not happen.

I would like to mention that the signs and road cones are set up early and the road may look fully closed before the 9.30pm cut off time.  Please pull into the slip lane and talk to our friendly traffic management guys/gals and tell them you live in Pūhoi and would like to get through. If there are any issues with this at the time, please call me on 0508 7295 4636 immediately and I will deal with that conversation for you, while you wait. 

The road closure time is set at 9.30pm, this is a very firm closure time and traffic will not be allowed to pass after this 9.30pm. This is to enable us to still have enough time to do the required work. 

If you have further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Ngā mihi 

Roslyn Prictor

NX2 Stakeholder and Communications Team

P. 0508 P2WK INFO (0508 7295 4636)  E. info@nx2group.com         W. nx2group.com

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