Puhoi: My Memories

[Judith Williams, Adrian Anderson]

I first started during the Covid-19 lockdown period reading an interesting old 1937 newspaper article about Puhoi, where my mother, Edith Wenzlick, grew up. This has now turned into a montage of photos I think other folk may enjoy, particularly the videos, knowing a few of the people featured.

This document layout has been produced by myself, Adrian Anderson, with special thanks to Dale Farnsworth for the re-enactment, official speeches, videos and numerous photos from Puhoi’s  Sesquicentennial, 2013. Shane Wenzlick has supplied photos, along with many from my own collection and from the internet, Local Matters newspaper, TV1, YouTube and some from the National Library.

 These are my memories of Puhoi, although I would have liked to include some from the Puhoi A&P shows, as I recall some happy times attending these as a very young boy and seeing the pleasure my mother got when meeting many relations and friends at the event. In fact, after Mass on a Sunday, we children had to wait for ages while mum chatted with what seemed like everyone before we could head back to our grandparents home for lunch.

Puhoi: My Memories (pdf)