Puhoi Motors COVID19 Alert Period Cover

Hi Puhoi,

we really hope you are all ok; please look after yourselves and others the best you can.
In regards to the lock down situation Puhoi River Motors Ltd has an exemption due to it providing its services to keep ‘essential services’ ( Fire appliances and pumps) on the road -I.e- we fix fire trucks.
So we can take some bookings from our customers around our essential services commitments.

  • This is by phone call/ bookings only.
  • This may change at any time.
  • Essential service work takes priority
  • No entry into the workshop is allowed- keep any physical distancing to 2 metres.
  • We will be taking extra precautions around hygiene and cleanliness- can you do the same with your car too.
  • We may struggle to source parts for your vehicle which will impact on our ability to repair them.
  • Any questions please ring Russell 021655461.
  • Any bookings ring the workshop 09 4220777
  • Stay healthy,
  • Puhoi River Motors Ltd