Puhoi Library Updates

(thanks to manager Helen Darnell for this report)

ANZAC Display

World War artefacts, documents, books & DVDs will again be on display for several weeks around ANZAC day. Every year we obtain more and more interesting items for this display and, as usual, many of the books and DVDs within the display are available to borrow.


The library will be open on ANZAC day from the time the ANZAC parade finishes (aprox.10 a.m.) until 3 p.m. In addition to the display, on the day audio and video recordings will also be running.

We serve FREE coffee/tea and home-made ANZAC biscuits all day. 

 Puhoi Town Library Incorporated Society Annual Subscription

In keeping with Puhoi Library’s ethos, providing you live in Puhoi or surrounding district “USER MEMBERSHIP is absolutely FREE” and no charges are made regarding book or DVD borrowing (with the exception of minimal overdue fines on DVDs, which are onwardly donated to the Puhoi Fire Service). 

However, the library is run by an incorporated society “Puhoi Town Library Incorporated” and the society membership subscriptions of $10 are due on 1st April. A letter has gone out to PO Boxes and forms are also available from the library.

Community Law Manual 2015/2016

Has been donated for use of the Community – Reference only and donor requested that the book is not to leave library but be available for reference use of all members of the community.