Puhoi Fire Brigade report for June 2016

Puhoi Fire Brigade report for June.

5 call outs this month;

-Tree down due to stormy weather – brigade cleared fallen tree to allow access along Krippner Road until the contractors could get there.

– Smoke showing opposite Wenderholm turnoff- turned out to be a major controlled burn off from a earth moving contractor- went for over a week…..

-3 motor vehicle accidents- two on Ahuroa Road- both were trucks that lost traction and ended up blocking the road- these trucks were taking the shortcut through Puhoi after State one was closed due to major accidents. Brigade helped control traffic to get the large tow trucks up to the site just past J Tolhopf Road.

And the other motor vehicle accident was when two motorbikes crashed into two separate cars at the same time on State Highway one by Schollums Access Road. A terrible scene with carnage spread over a vast area- two of Puhois Brigade were proactive in giving first response medical help until further ambulances and Westpac arrived on the scene to take over.

So sadly a couple of fatalities between Puhoi and Warkworth this month prompting a gentle reminder from the Brigade to locals to drive carefully, to the conditions and at a safe following distance.

Brigade crew attended several training courses last month and I went to Wellington to represent Auckland Rural Fire at a workshop dealing with volunteers and the new regime coming in July 2017.

Looking forward to the Forums workshops especially the one where you, the public, get to help us with our Fire Station project- see you all there on Sunday!