Puhoi Community Forum Minutes July 2013

Po Box 404199 Puhoi
Committee Meeting Held At Puhoi Sports Club
Date 30th July 2013
Chairman – D Hay

PRESENT: S Tisdall, S Hackett, A Cranna-Powell, P Manton, J Turner, JR Williams, L Anderson, P Straka, J Simons, T Koops, B Titford, S Titford, T Schulz-Golland, N Atkinson, D Hay, H Everts, G Sorensen.
D Hay was not nominated to the Committee at the AGM.  Under Clause 10 of the constitution Committee vacancies can be filled when necessary and D Hay was therefore nominated by
P Straka and 2nd G Sorensen as an independent member.  All agreed.
APOLOGIES:  R Cunliffe, P Endemann, R Green
MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Circulated. Moved P Straka   2nd S Tisdall
MATTERS ARISING: Hanging wire: The hanging wire was on Puhoi Rd, not Ahuroa Rd.
Footpath between Bridge and Library should read “drain” not “creek” on boundary between Puhoi Store and P Straka.
1.  NAG: presentation to be given in August 27th meeting
2. Draft Unitary Plan: acknowledgement of Forum submission.
3. SEA workshop
4. B Scroggins requests permission to erect election billboard on private land. D Hay to respond.
5. Speeding through the village. H Everts
6. Horse riding in PM Park.
TREASURERS REPORT: Proposed payment of $23.30 to G. Sorensen for stationery. 2nd D Hay
a) Local Board. J Turner reported that applications for the present round of Council funding for Community projects can be done on line until 12th August 2013.  The allocation of funds for traffic management would be an appropriate purpose.  Refer to K Hammond.
b) Puhoi Memorial Park:  Arthur Dunn Memorial seat.  T Koops researched project and presented illustrations.  2 seats have been purchased by Val Dunn and will be positioned September/October 2013. D. Hancock of Auckland Council offered to liaise with Auckland Council if requested to do so by PCF.
c) Park Advisory Committee: Will meet in August, TBC.  D. Hay to attend
d) Motorway: The presentation of the route shown at the Farmers Market indicated an off-ramp going north and an on-ramp going south for local use.  J Simons advised that final agreement was still some way off.
e) Puhoi Business Group: This group meets under the Matakana Coast and Country umbrella.
    Next meeting August 2nd.  J Turner congratulated S Tisdall for initiative to date.
f) Centennial Hall: No report
g) Sports Club: Reports 3 games played so far on newly drained grounds.  Centre of ground is still very boggy.  J Turner to follow up.
h) Puhoi Rural Fire Force (PRFF): J Williams queried the fact that the local force no longer have a water tanker and was advised that the fire trucks carry their own water.
i) Library: AGM on Tuesday, 13th August 7pm.  The Centennial celebrations will include photographic display.  Any photos loaned would be greatly appreciated.
j) Church and Cemetery: Two funerals this week. No report
k) Farmers market: More volunteers would be welcomed.
l) Auckland Council Unitary Plan: Nothing to report
m) Landcare: Planting day well supported.  Further day planned 1 September 10 am. J Williams to promote through community newsletter. Bio security team visit was positive.
n) Historical Society: ongoing need for a community notice board tabled. Suitable site is ongoing discussion.
o) 150th celebrations.  AGM August 31st 2013 to wind up.  Finances to be distributed at that meeting.  D Hay will write letters to thank all community groups involved in the celebrations.
1.  Horse riding in the Park.
In reply to correspondence received and after discussion, Park Management Plan Clause 14, should be changed to read as follows:
“…and that access to paddocks where stock are being grazed at any one time is not permitted during lambing, and that at all other times dogs are leashed and horses are under control when on paddocks that are being grazed”.
R Tolhopf is happy with this change.  Horse riding group’s letter of June 12th 2013 can therefore be answered as follows:
# Access to all parts of the Park is fine, except for paddocks where lambing is in progress.  I also suggested to Maree that horses not use the loop walking track.
#The flat land adjacent to the yards is available for training horses, provided that equipment used is stored in or adjacent to the shelter when not in actual use.
# That mutually-beneficial projects be undertaken as appropriate.
Moved that the Forum formally accept this change in the Grazing Licence, and the agreement between horse riding group and Forum be accepted.
Moved H Everts 2nd J Williams
2.  Speeding through the village.
H. Everts correspondence as circulated. A number of solutions were proposed, including speed bumps, S Bends and crossings.  There is a need for a “Critical Information Report” which involves the installation of speed counters to ascertain traffic flow and speed before any further action can be taken.  D Hay to collate reports on time, date and registration numbers of cars/trucks involved in traffic incidents.
NEXT MEETING:        27th August