Puhoi Community Forum Minutes for the Meeting Held On Tuesday, 27 November 2018



Present : Paul Dustyn Sorrel, Luke, Terri, Sandra, Sheryll Tiford

Apologies: Ruth, Tess, Judith, Jenny, Hesston

Confirmation of the Minutes of previous Meeting held on 30th October, 2018

Moved to confirm Sorrel

Seconded Dustyn

  1. Matters Arising from those Minutes (not appearing on this Agenda)

No matters arising from minutes

  1. Incoming / Outgoing Correspondence

No correspondence

  1. Treasurer’s Report for November 2018 (previously circulated) Jenny Schollum

see attached

  1. General Business

  1. Finish gravel spreading at top of Puhoi loop track bush section – Sorrel to talk with Mike Swain to discuss options for obtaining gravel and locating it at top and middle sections before organising a working bee to spread

  2. Working Groups – updates

  • Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park

Paul met with Jannik, Sinead, Will Maybury and went through the paths in the park and organised to gravel the loop track on the grass section of the Puhoi Walkway. This track maintenance to be done this summer, using bobcat to dig out track and fill up with gravel. Paul to give access through the forest, Council metal, Will’s trucks and a contractor. Council will also cut back gorse and foliage along tracks.

Paul also spoke with Jeff Lifford re gorse control along walkways along riverbank. Has been decided to finish the River Park planting before we attack the gorse.

Sinead contacted Forum and will support us with plants. Maintenance an ongoing issue that the Forum could address through an annual working group or continued use of contractors.

  • Road Safety Group – Delay in sending out request to AT and waiting now for response. Setting up Give a Little page for progressing the path through Gillian’s land.NX2 next quarterly meeting will be in January.

  • Civil Defence – Puhoi representatives couldn’t attend last meeting of local Civil Defence groups, but a follow up meeting with Luke, Heston is occurring to progress CD plans for Puhoi. Neighbouring support has good alignment with Civil Defence, could be a way to organise our CD plans. Neighbourhood support appoint a person per street who checks on everyone else in case of an emergency.

  • Neighbourhood Support see above

  • Historical Society – Heritage Museum – had visit from documentary people, this is to be released in middle of next year. Czech ambassador in Canberra will be coming over to visit. Overall quieter, less group tours, less demand for dance group families have moved and less younger members, impacts revenues, 29th June big date for 2019. Armistice organisers didn’t perform, so had a small impromptu ceremony in church. Visited crosses at Auckland Museum, and brought home those for Puhoi and Upper Waiwera.

  • Waiwera valley – wasp control still awaiting full summer weather. Noted large infestation of rats by locals attending a recent event at Wennerholm. Who is responsible for controlling these – this needs to be addressed if Wenderholm is to be a breeding site for native birds.

  • Village market – Sandra Beagley – Xmas market, but weather was not good, so stall holders didn’t turn up or cancelled. Carol Hayes brought her childrens’ choir and Mike Pero came over with helium balloons.

  • Library – Latvia group came out for 6 days filming, with a drone. Flew in, started filming and left.

  • Others

  1. John Connor is involved in CD and is the person to contact for wasp control VESPEX one person can sit the test and he will provide the traps for the trained person to move around.

  1. Horse trek this weekend contact Paul

  2. Street party Monday Dec 10th Forum members to help set up from 5.30 Party in side garden of hall and people to bring their own drinks and picnic. Jackie doing music.

  3. Kristen Gillies and family are moving to Hatfields and we would like to acknowledge his contribution to the forum and Puhoi community.

Meeting concluded at 8.30pm

NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 25 December at 7.30pm. This will be the final meeting for 2018.