Puhoi Community Forum Meeting Minutes: 25th Oct 2016


HELD AT PUHOI SPORTS CLUB ON 25 OCTOBER 2016 commencing at 7.30pm

PRESENT: Dustyn O’Leary (Chair) Paul Manton, Allison Roe (Rodney Local Board), Beth Houlbrooke (Rodney Local Board), Judith Williams, Jenny Schollum (Treasurer), Sandra Beagley, Peter Straka, Sorrel O’Leary, Pat Backley, Christine Mundell, Derek Broadmore, Mike Swain, Jenny Neel, Martyn Smith, Sheryll Titford, Clinton McClean, Heston Prospere-Smith, Wendy Hayton (Secretary, Minutes)

APOLOGIES: Peter Cooley, Terri Ryder, Kristin Gillies, Graham Backley, Brian Titford

  1. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING 27th September 2016

The minutes of the meeting held on 27th September 2016 had been previously circulated. These were accepted as being a true and accurate record.

Motion 1

THAT the minutes of the meeting held on 27th September 2016 be confirmed as a true and accurate record.

Moved: Judith Williams

Seconded: Paul Manton


  1. Planting of Te Araroa Walkway – Remiger Road End

The working bee postponed from 16 October will now be held on Sunday 6 November at 10.30am. Meet at the Sports Club.

  1. Moving trees to River Park from Puhoi Historical Society

This will also be done on Sunday 6 November.

  1. Application for Extension of Grant River Park Update

Wet weather over recent months has prohibited much progress with the fencing or planting. It was agreed that application should be made to the Local Board for the grant received for the fencing and planting (due to be spent by September 2016) to be extended for 12 months to accommodate a realistic timeframe to allow for the fencing and subsequent planting.

Beth Houlbrooke (Local Board) said she would support this application, and considered that an extension would be likely. Action: Dustyn O’Leary

  1. TREASURER’S REPORT for September 2016 – previously circulated

Jenny reported she had completed and submitted the Charities Commission Annual Return.

The following items were approved for payment

Secretarial $30

Moved: Chris Mundell

Seconded: Dustyn O’Leary


Beth Houlbrooke introduced Allison Roe, recently also elected to the Rodney Local Board. She and Allison will be attending PCF meetings and following up on business. On behalf of members, Dustyn welcomed and congratulated both on their recent election to the Local Board.


97 Saleyards Road – Proposed Development

A response was received stating that the owner is prepared to go to mediation. Mike Swain will be following progress. The $500 required to be raised has almost been met.

Moirs Hill Proposed Development by Asia Pacific International

Proposals for this development include plans cycle ways, bridle ways and walking tracks throughout and up to Warkworth. Allison Roe from the Local Board emphasized how important it is to ensure these trails are designated at the very outset of any development.


Dustyn had previously circulated a trail map locating all existing and proposed trails as forwarded by Bevan Woodward of Matakana Trails Trust.

She had also forwarded a map regarding a pedestrian access way around the dangerous corner near the Garage, part of Gillian Seymour’s land (approx. 400 metres), which she had generously given permission to be used. This land will be cleared in the next 2 weeks, with better development of it planned over the next couple of years. It will come out where the 50km sign is, along the road verge. Dustyn and the Traffic Safety Group will be liaising with the Local Board and NZTA over the next year or so, to complete the safe pedestrian access way.

Allison commented that the Rodney Local Board will be sharing costs as there is a requirement for certain standards to be met, and ongoing maintenance provided by the Council. There are monthly Local Board business meetings, which cover applications. Beth will send the dates to Dustyn.

Bus Turn Around

A map of a proposed option for a school bus turnaround on the green area in front of the rotunda was discussed as one possible alternative solution to where the buses stop now (outside the store). A footbridge would be part of this to provide safe passage for children. At present it is a concept only, and would be used solely as a drop off and pick up point. Beth Houlbrooke suggested they talk to Auckland Transport and Parks. If the Local Board supported it, there would be funding likely available. Beth proposed that Dustyn, on behalf of the group, bring this as a submission and deputation to the Local Board around February/March 2017, once the plan is confirmed.

Village Parking

Discussion took place on the possibility of placing 28 timber sleepers from the Library to the footbridge on the main road to prevent cars parking along that area. Dustyn has sourced some recycled sleepers at a cost of $40-$50 each. Beth commented that issues with parking was one of the things AT had talked about at the time of building the footbridge, and there could well be Local Board funding available towards this project.

Dustyn emphasized that both of the above are concepts only, and she would welcome any feedback.


  1. The issue of how the Forum should deal with subdivision issues, perhaps having a working

group to address these matters as they arise was raised. Allison stated that it key to dealing with the problems around subdivisions is to get in early, and invite developers along if possible to inform the local community what is planned. A local real estate agent is often very helpful in flagging possible upcoming developments.

Pat and Graham Backley and Mike Swain were nominated to form a working group concerned with monitoring subdivision issues as they come up, and providing the Forum with information for discussion.

  1. Puhoi Village Market

The first Village Market after its name change from Farmers’ Market took place last Sunday. The October 30th Village Market will be a Summer Garden Fest.

  1. Civil Defense meeting 31 October – Mahurangi. Judith Williams is to attend this on behalf of the Forum.

  2. Quad ride 5th November. 2 day Horse trek will be held on 27/28 November. Contact Paul Manton.

  1. 2016 Women’s Dinner

To be held on 10th November.

  1. Race Meeting 12 November – to be held in the Community Hall. Contact Pat Backley.

  1. 17 November – extra Trivial Pursuits evening

  1. Art Group Exhibition – 25 November to 4 December 2016 in the Community Hall.

The meeting closed at 8.50pm.

NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 29th November 2016 at 7.30pm in the Sports Hall. This will be the final meeting of the year.