Puhoi Community Forum June 24 2014 AGM Minutes

(note: these are the 2014 minutes for reference)

Sports Club 7pm


Chairman: Derek Hay


1.Welcome: Peter Straka (deputy chairman) Judith Williams (secretary) Sue Tisdall,

(treasurer) Paul Manton, Theo Koops, Kath Anderson, Helen Darnell, Terri Ryder, Sue and Bill Marcroft, Russell Green, Jim Sephton, Ashlea Farac, Jenny Schollum, Gillian Seymour, Quinten Lush


2.Apologies: Beth Houlbrooke (Rodney Local Board) Hans Everts, Sharon Hallett, Adrian Anderson, John Simons, Guinny Sorensen, Shelley Hackett, Fran and Pat Endemann, Kath and Cody Mankelow, Peter Cooley.

Apologies acceptance moved Peter Straka, seconded Theo Koops


3.Approval of 2013 AGM minutes, previously circulated: moved Russell Green, seconded Paul Manton


4.Matters Arising: none


5.Co-chairpersons’ report, previously circulated:


6.2013-2014 financial report, previously circulated, and approval of 2014-2015 annual subscription of $10 per individual, household or group Acceptance moved Theo Koops, seconded Peter Straka. The treasurer reported the Forum presently had 22 members.


7. Outward correspondence: Letters of thanks from PCF to Derek Hay as co-chairman and Sue Tisdall as treasurer for their contribution over the last 12 months and 3 years respectively.


8.Acceptance of club and group representatives:

Church properties – Peter Straka

Library – Helen Darnell

Hall – rolling representation, Val Smith ( main contact)

Puhoi Historical Society – Sue Tisdall

Sports Club – changing representation, Sharon Hallett ( main contact)

Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park advisory committee – Hans Everts

Puhoi Rural Fire Force – Russell Green

Puhoi Farmers Market – Judith Williams

Civil Defence – Sue Tisdall

Puhoi Horse Riding Group – Paul Manton

Waiwera Valley Association – Brian Titford

Puhoi Business Group – Sue Tisdall

Puhoi Landcare – Rodney Straka





9. Nomination of up to six independent committee members:

1. Theo Koops, moved Derek Hay, seconded Judith Williams

2. Kath Anderson, moved Sue Tisdall, seconded Paul Manton

3. Jim Sephton, moved Paul Manton, seconded Derek Hay

4. Terri Ryder, moved Kath Anderson, seconded Derek Hay

5. Gillian Seymour, moved Judith Williams, seconded Jenny Schollum

6. Ashlea Farac, moved Jim Sephton, Paul Manton

Nominations closed, moved Peter Straka, seconded Theo Koops


10. Approval of two co-chairpersons and deputy chairperson:

1.Hans Everts, moved Judith Williams, seconded Peter Straka

2.Paul Manton, moved Russell Green, seconded Derek Hay

Deputy: Peter Straka, moved Judith Williams, seconded Paul Manton


11.Election of secretary and treasurer:

Secretary: Judith Williams, moved Derek Hay, seconded Theo Koops

Treasurer: Kath Anderson, moved Sue Tisdall, seconded Derek Hay


Thanks to Derek Hay on standing down from the Forum co-chairmanship and committee moved Judith Williams, seconded Russell Green.


12. Meeting closed: 7.35pm