Puhoi Community Forum AGM 2015: Minutes



Meeting held on June 30 at 7.30pm in the Puhoi Sports Club



Hans Everts, PCF co-chairman, Peter Straka, deputy chair, Judith Williams, acting secretary, Jenny Schollum, treasurer, Terri Ryder, Ian Bateman, Helen Darnell, Christine Mundell, John Simons, Larry Mitchell, Ian Boothroyd,

Gillian Seymour, Kristin Gillies, Jim Sephton (arrived 8.15pm)



Beth Houlbrooke ( Rodney Local Board) Phillippa Beagley, Wendy Hayton, Guinny Sorensen, Theo Koops, Dustyn O ‘ Leary


Approval of 2014 AGM Minutes

Moved Peter Straka, seconded Judith Williams


Matters Arising



Chairman’s Report

Tabled and read by Hans Everts, acceptance moved Peter Straka, seconded Chris Mundell


Financial Report

Previously circulated, and read by Jenny Schollum, acceptance moved Jenny Schollum, seconded Hans Everts

Authorisation of $30 secretarial meeting payment, moved Hans Everts, seconded Helen Darnell





Acceptance of Club and Group Representatives

Puhoi Rural Fire Force – Russell Green

Puhoi Historical Society – Jenny Schollum

Puhoi Library – Helen Darnell

Puhoi Farmers Market – Judith Williams

Puhoi Centennial Hall Committee – Val Smith (main contact)

Puhoi Business Group – Theo Koops

Puhoi Church Properties Committee – Peter Straka

Puhoi Sports Club – Sharon Hallett (main contact)

Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park – Hans Everts

Puhoi Horse Riding Group – Paul Manton

Puhoi Public Space Development and Road Safety Group – Jim Sephton

Puhoi Landcare Group -?

Puhoi Civil Defence and Neighbourhood Support -?

Puhoi Motorway Group – Helen Darnell


Nomination of Independent Committee Members

Terri Ryder – moved Helen Darnell, seconded Judith Williams

Gillian Seymour – Peter Straka, Hans Everts

Kristin Gillies – Judith Williams, Jenny Schollum

Larry Mitchell – Hans Everts, Gillian Seymour

Dustyn O’ Leary – Hans Everts, Larry Mitchell


Nominations Closed: moved Gillian Seymour, seconded Peter Straka


Approval of Chairperson and Deputy

Hans Everts, Chairman, moved Peter Straka, seconded Gillian Seymour,

Deputy, Peter Straka, moved Hans Everts, seconded Larry Mitchell


Jim Sephton’s suggestion that options be kept open for the choice, later in the year, of a co chairperson was noted and agreed upon by the meeting.


Election of Secretary and Treasurer

Secretary, Wendy Hayton, moved Hans Everts, seconded Jenny Schollum, Treasurer, Jenny Schollum, moved Larry Mitchell, seconded Terri Ryder.


Consideration of Forum Aims, Priorities, Processes and Membership, 2015 -2016

  1. Jim Sephton explained the genesis of the name Public Space Development and its origins in the earlier Road Safety initiative. “You can’t deal with road safety without considering how people live and move in the village,” he said. Puhoi is changing and we need to create the right environment, in conjunction with the Rodney Local Board, for which a small group is needed which would report back to the Forum,” Larry Mitchell pointed out the Forum was only starting to make road safety progress after many years of talking. “It is a very wide brief – how will it evolve?” he asked. Jim pointed to one issue for this year, equestrian safety.


  1. Ian Bateman asked for the subject of Rural Broadband to be added to the

list of topics for Forum consideration. Who the best person to investigate

this was initiated a lot of discussion. Larry Mitchell pointed out there was a

great need for someone, who didn’t need to be a forum member, to pick up

this local issue. It was suggested Mike Swain, who has extensive IT

expertise, be asked to investigate the options available for Broadband

provision for Puhoi.


  1. Hans Everts pointed to concerns about the enhancement of Puhoi’s

environment, since it appeared Landcare was ‘moribund’. Larry Mitchell asked if the forum could be proactive in calling a public meeting on the subject of Puhoi weed control, and, if the Landcare group really were moribund, could the Forum help resurrect it?

Might the help of groups such as MAD, who provide community labour, be


Hans offered to approach Landcare to discuss this issue.


  1. The secretary pointed out that the impact of motorway construction on Puhoi would be immense, and doubted that many residents were really aware of the implications, despite input by the Te Ara Tuhono liaison group. Helen Darnell, who had already had involvement with motorway issues, was asked to be Puhoi’s ‘ears to the ground’, although, it was pointed out, the contractors had not yet been chosen. Larry Mitchell suggested we should we be starting to ask our own questions on impacts and the matters that would concern our residents. Kristin Gillies asked if canvassing of community concerns could be added to a future Forum agenda.


John Simons reminded of the pressures on Puhoi for change through the influences from both sides of Hibiscus Coast and Warkworth developments. ‘Don’t fight it, use it’, he advised.


Meeting closed: 9.25

Next Committee Meeting: July 28 2015