Puhoi Centennial Hall AGM 2015: Chairperson’s Report


A very warm welcome and thanks for attending the Puhoi Centennial Hall’s Annual General Meeting.

Once again I am extremely grateful to our team of dedicated Committee Members.

Cathy & Cody Mankelow, Val Smith, Fran & Pat Enderman, new members Marie Williams & Judy Lyons

This Heritage Hall would have to be one of Puhoi’s most valuable community assets and as a committee we all feel privileged to be part of it.

The hall is used for such a variety of activities, Dancing, Concerts, Art Shows, Badminton, Scouts, Funerals, Weddings, Birthday Parties Meetings and also the base for an emergency centre.

Our main objective as a committee this last year was to concentrate replacing the roof on the hall with new iron before April 2015. And I am proud to say this has been achieved. The work was under taken by Simon Straka and his team, plus our committee member Cody Mankelow overseeing the project. We were unsure until the old roof was removed as to whether we would have to replace any rotten timber. But I am pleased to say other than the iron, nothing needed replacing, A big” thank -you” to Simon, his crew and Cody.

We also renewed the spouting at the same- time, this made sense to do it there and then while we had the scaffolding in place. And new piles were replaced under the corner of the kitchen.

A good proportion of the money for the roof was received from Grants, the Lottery Board Commision,$10,000, The Rodney Heritage Fund $8,000 this amount will only be available to us in July.


I would like to thank those previous Bohemians for a hall well built 140 years ago. It can rain as much as it likes now and we should have no worries about leaks.

We also had a smaller amount of money granted, $3,500 from The Old Rodney Council This was money they had surplus and had to be spent before the end of their financial year, so 11 Community Halls benefitted by this grant.

Maintenance is always on going and we have several projects we want to achieve before very long, the up grading of our kitchen, improve bathroom vanities with hot water and upgrade heating requirements in the hall.

This last year was a challenge for us as a committee trying to organize community events. I can assure you we did try very hard working around bookings as to when the hall was available, and then only to find it was going to clash with other Puhoi Community activities, as a result not a lot happened on our part and I do apologise.

Back in Nov we were approached by Daniel a local who works at the Puhoi Pub who wanted to put on a community dance in honour of his late friend Ewen Gilmour a comedian from West Auckland. The proceeds going to the Variety Bash Trust,which is an organization that raises money for kiwi kids. And the hall would profit above a certain amount of tickets sold. This evening was well patronized and everyone enjoyed themselves, as a result the hall benefitted from a $1000.00 for which we were most grateful for.

On Sunday May the 3rd we as a committee invited the local people of Puhoi to our Roof Shout, this was our way of saying thank you to everyone who has been supporting the hall with our fund raising over the years and to help encourage new people to the district to become members and see our most valuable asset..

We provided light refreshments, barbequed sausages………and Gillian from the hotel kindly helped us out with a discount on the beverages. The afternoon was lovely and warm and was well attended.


Our hall is proving to be popular all the time with bookings well ahead into the following year.

This hall is owned by the Community of Puhoi; as a result we have to continually fund raise for its upkeep. But this is one of the things that makes Puhoi unique is that we have this lovely country community for people to live and work in.

Thanks again to Judith for all the reporting she has done for us and to Derek Hay for auditing our financial books for 2014/2015.

And finally a Very Big Thank you to my fellow officers and Committee, who have worked so hard and the people of Puhoi and surrounding district for your support.

For anyone thinking of joining our Committee our monthly meetings are held on the last Wed of the month at 7-30pm and are normally finished by 9pm.



Alison Sampson