Puhoi Celtic Sessions


Thursday March 31st 
Puhoi Sports Club Rooms
7.00 pm – 10 pm

and afterwards – every fortnight.

Only two days to go till the first Puhoi Celtic Session.

[A word of explanation: a ‘session’ is a circle of players where everyone simply pitches in – it’s not a performance. We do it for the pleasure of making music.]

We have fiddlers, harpists, accordionists, guitarists, bassists, whistle players, singers, banjo players, bodhran players, and toe-tappers in the group; in all about 24 musicians. We also have a few people who simply like to listen.

To give the group a ‘common core’ of material I’ve created a dropbox that, currently, has 40, four-part arrangements in it of tunes (jigs, reels, waltzes) and songs from the Celtic repertoire. Each tune/song has a sound file and the sheet music – so you can ‘play by ear’ or read the tadpoles. You’ll need to print out this material and make a drop-in folder.

If you want to join us, as a musician,  send me an email address and I’ll give you access to the dropbox. The more the merrier. We could still use mandolins, more fiddles, and more banjoes. To all friends, please spread the word: copy and email this post if you like. It’s looking like we’ll have a folk orchestra!

We’re charging $2 per family to cover the hire of the rooms.


Alan Wagstaff