Puhoi 150th Celebrations DVD set



A limited number of the Puhoi 150th 2013 Anniversary Celebration DVD (2 discs) sets have been ordered by the Puhoi Historical Society & will be available @$40.00 from the 28th Sept via P.H.S./Museum or via the order form listed at the bottom of this page. They will be for sale at the Puhoi Centennial Hall on Sunday 29th September 10am-3pm. To the many families who have already ordered expect delivery of your DVD set in early October 2013.


The video DVD disc (9 videos) contains the official speeches, at 68 minutes running time it is really great and although I was in attendance it is amazing what one misses as I guess my mind was wandering on things to do (EFTPOS machine still not operating for example) and only partially listening. The other 8 short videos on this disc are just superb, the Feb re-enactment with a wonderful narrative by Brendan Schollum, TV1 breakfast via Mahurangi Matters, dancing, music, wood chopping and heaps of people you will no doubt recognise.


The photograph disc contains 1216 photos and having viewed all at least 20 times plus to ensure they are closeto being in the correct order, I have spotted various people each time since I first started that I hadn’t even realised they were part of the background in the photos. Whilst some photos are a little dark they will be okay and provide a wonderful record of the January – June 2013 Anniversary 150th celebrations. Please take your time viewing these as you will know several people and wonder how on earth they captured you or your relations in some of the photographs or videos without you realising. The first 100 photos show some samples from Jan-June then we start with Wood Chopping, Wenderholm picnic, landing Re-enactment/Wharf opening, Church and the big celebration weekend June 28-30 along with some old photographs mixed in to help you recall the past. I trust you enjoy as much as I have in helping bring this DVD set together with the following help.


Special thanks to Dale Farnsworth (videos/photos) of Production Plus Ltd who suggested this DVD concept, Shane Wenzlick of Phototek for numerous photos, Mahurangi Matters their breakfast video & photo contribution are fantastic, Puhoi Historical Society, Amego for the wood chopping and the various families who have all contributed photographs to be shared on this DVD set. Production of this Puhoi 150th anniversary DVD set would not have been possible without the amazing skills from Mike Fraser of Comm Media Ltd. Through everyone’s generosity all profits generated from this DVD project will go towards the Puhoi Historical Society/Museum new building fund.


Yours sincerely; Adrian Anderson; Committee member 150th celebrations 2013; Email; adrian.anderson100@gmail.com

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