Police urge caution after card-skimming in Albany


North Shore Police are currently investigating a series of ATM card skimming incidents in the Albany area, and are reminding people to be vigilant.

Police are aware of at least 5 cases in the past fortnight where the victims had all used a standalone ATM in the Albany Village, which was outside a dairy.

Inspection of the ATM revealed a glue-like substance around the card reader and Police believe the offenders are using a very realistic-looking device over the card-reading slot, to capture information on the card’s magnetic strip.

“The victims in these cases didn’t notice anything unusual when they went to use the ATM and it was even fitted with the green ‘anti-skimming’ guard.

The victims have only become aware that their card has been skimmed when they’ve realised later that money had been removed from their accounts” says Sergeant Tony Bruce, North Shore Police.

Police believe there may be more victims who haven’t yet realised their card has been skimmed, and as enquiries continue, are urging people to be vigilant.

How to reduce the risk of being skimmed;

·         Familiarise yourself with the look & feel of the ATM – If something looks out of place do not use it.

·         Before use, take time to inspect the ATM for any unusual or non-standard fixtures.

·         If there anything unusual around the card reader or in the area above the screen – do not use it and report it to Police or the              bank immediately.

·         Report any suspicious behaviour around ATM machines immediately to Police.

·         Always use your hand to shield your PIN when entering it.


Beth Bates/Waitemata Police 

You can also view this release, including any additional images, online at: http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/police-urge-caution-after-card-skimming-albany

New Zealand Police
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