PCF Chairman’s Report June Agm 2018

26TH JUNE 2018
During the 2017-2018 year the Puhoi Community Forum has focused primarily on advancing
projects within Puhoi Pioneer’s Memorial Park, with good results for the community. The
fencing part of the river walkway – stage 2 project has been completed and the planting of
the riverbank has also begun with a very successful event in 2017. More planting events
will follow in the next few months to complete this project and an official opening day
will be organised. A big thank you to all involved in this work to date!
The lease for the PPMP has also been formalised with the Forum taking official authority
over the park through a lease arrangement with Auckland Council. The sub lease to Kevin
Jones for the running of the farmland areas was also renewed and the funds raised from
this sub-lease are being paid to the Forum to be reinvested back in the park.
Other initiatives included the creation of a new Heritage Memorial and flagpole feature,
utilising and protecting the memorial gates at the entrance to the park. This feature was
completed in time for the Anzac Day service and formed the centrepiece of the event, a
big thank you again to those who donated the materials and their time to make this
The Chair persons would lastly like to thank all the active members and groups who
participated in our meetings throughout the year, it has been productive and positive
annum and we look forward to more such times ahead.
Warm Regards
Dustyn O’Leary & Paul Manton
(PCF Co-chairs)