Making your own Bacon, Salami & Chorizo Workshop

M aking your own Bacon, Salami & Chorizo

Day Programme

On Saturday 30th of July arrive between 8.30 and 9am at 120 J Tolhopf Road, Puhoi.

We start with coffee and breakfast. This includes home-made bacon and free-range eggs.

You will get a hand-out which describes everything we cover on the day for future reference. You will also be invited to join our Artisan Salami & Bacon Facebook page for ongoing support and sharing ideas.

Salami, Chorizo and Droge Worst:

  • Overview of the process: tell and show
  • Hands on: making the different meat mixes using the recipes provided
  • Putting mixes through the sausage maker
  • Cold smoking
  • Air drying
  • How to create a similar set-up

Lunch, including cold-smoked cheese and air-dried artisan salami & chorizo

Bacon and dry-cured meats:

  • Overview of the process; step by step
  • Dry curing process
  • Soaking and the preparation prior to the cold smoking
  • Cold smoke; the smoker will be operating on the day
  • Cool down and slice
  • Curing and cold-smoking other meats
  • Where to buy and how to make a cold-smoking set-up

Visit the Puhoi historic pub to enjoy a drink on us before we go our separate ways.

I can be contacted on or on 09 972 33

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