• Orchard Planting

    When: July 19, 2020 @ 9:30 am – 11:30 am
    Where: Puhoi River Park

    We’ll be planting the first fruit trees for our new community orchard – come along and give us a hand!

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  • Planting Working Bee 2

    When: August 22, 2020 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
    Where: Puhoi River Park

    Volunteers appreciated to continue the excellent job that the community has done planting  up the new track along the river. We’ll be taking a delivery […]

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  • Planting Working Bee 1

    When: August 8, 2020 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
    Where: Puhoi River Park

    Volunteers appreciated to continue the excellent job that the community has done planting  up the new track along the river. We’ll be taking a delivery […]

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  • default-image

    Puhoi Community Forum 30 June 2020: Agenda

    [Apologies for not publishing this earlier as I missed the attachment of Sorrel’s email earlier in the month] PUHOI COMMUNITY FORUMMEETING TO BE HELD ON […]

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  • Puhoi: My Memories

    [Judith Williams, Adrian Anderson] I first started during the Covid-19 lockdown period reading an interesting old 1937 newspaper article about Puhoi, where my mother, Edith […]

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  • Latest Road Closures For Motorway Related Works Update for Puhoi

    Latest Road Closures For Motorway Related Works Update for Puhoi

    This is the current road closure list for roadwork closures and works , with info supplied from NX2. Note that the signage boards etc. around […]

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Giant Killers!

Congratulations to Clark, Tara and the Puhoi Property INDEPTH Wolfpack team
on an outstanding performance and victory in the ASB Chatham Cup on Anzac
Day. It was great to see such a big contingent from the club at the game and
a big thank you to everybody who turned out to support the lads. It helped
create a great atmosphere. A 2-1 victory over a side 4 divisions above them
was something they should be proud of. The next round of the cup is on May
11th, and we are really hoping for a home draw which would ideally coincide
with the Puhoi pitch being reopened. Thank you again to all of you for the
great support. It was exciting to see a Puhoi side play with such flairand
passion. For those of you who missed it, there will be another opportunity
on May 11th!


Don’t Forget THE Quiz!

The Puhoi Centennial Hall Quiz

This year, to celebrate the Ses suequ sisque, erm, 150th, anniversary of Puhoi there will be a ‘Roots’ theme. Come dressed as something related to your, or someone else’s, ‘roots’, or some other loose interpretation of ‘rootiness’ and you can win a prize.

Once again there’ll be a range of questions ranging from cunning brain-teasers to the downright silly. So bring along a few beers and nibbles, and of course some gold coins for the raffle.

Tickets are a measly $10 per head, and tables can be up to six.

Reserving a table is recommended as we sold out quickly last year – drop us an email at jenny@hiko.co.nz or phone Fran on 4220835

Puhoi Heritage Fruit and Nut Trees and Vegetable Library

May I introduce myself, Puhoi residents. My name is Julie-Anna Child and we live at the end of Green Hollows Rd. I’m an Agriculture New Zealand Go Organics student. Our group completes Level 3 qualifications this year and meets every Thursday at the Puhoi Hall. It has turned out to be a fabulous science based course. I’m hoping to set up a ‘library’ of local heritage fruit and nut trees and vegetables on an acre of North East facing hillside on our land.
Plants that have acclimatised to local conditions are a rare treasure in comparison to the plants we buy at nurseries which have often been grown in a completely different part of the country. These shop bought plants don’t always thrive in the soils and climate particular to our area. I have seen many lovely old fruiting trees by the roadside. Sometimes our local trees eventually disappear and I would like to grow examples to try to preserve some.
If you have a special fruit or nut tree or vegetable plant on your property you may be willing to give me a scion (a branch cutting i can graft onto root stock) a root or seeds. If so please email or call me. Cuttings need to be taken in late June – early July (and stored in a plastic bag with a moist tissue around the cut until they are grafted).
 Better still you might allow me to do an ‘air graft’ on your tree this July and then come back in Spring to take the grafted sapling away. I would be delighted to do two air grafts, one for you and one for me, that way you will also have a second young tree to plant . An air graft entails semi-cutting a branch, wrapping soil around the cut and then sealing this in plastic. This allows a food supply to the new tree and roots grow in the sealed soil. In 3 months time you cut the young sapling tree off the parent tree and plant it .
Obviously I would like to make the process as easy as possible for you. If you would prefer to post me branch cuttings in July or seeds any time just let me know your address and I will send you a stamped addressed A4 size envelope. If you would prefer me to collect cuttings and seeds or do airgrafts let me know. If any case please let me know your contact details, the cuttings/seeds story, the possible age of the tree, who planted it, what the fruit tastes like and is used for and what variety they might be. Delicious or medicinal fruit nuts and vegetables are obviously favoured.  I plan to share future scions and seeds freely with interested locals so let me know if you would like to be included.
Julie-Anna Child    021 373910    09 441 4941
mailing address: Julie-Anna Child and John Savage, Kauri Ridge, 152B Green Hollows Rd, RD1 Silverdale, 0994 Auckland.

Waiwera Garage Sale

Set up:

Tables and umbrellas supplied by you the seller, set up on the footpath along Waiwera Rd

All Waiwera Residents, tell your family and friends as they might want to be part of the

fun of the morning.

Household items, clothes, books, plants, kids clothes, toys, and more

Tables set up by 8.45am

Weather: Rainy or sunny

Register your table/tables and pay $5 per table donation to WAIPORA with Stella Martin

09 4210832, Margaret Oliver phone 09 4264792, or Lyn Williams 09 4268885.

We are hoping to have a good response with two tables set up outside each property

along Waiwera Road.

What to do now:

Waiwera Village garage Sale includes residents of Weranui road, Waiwera place,

the Strand, riverhaven, rural Waiwera, lifestyle block owners as well as Waiwera road.

a successful day depends on your participation, a fun day for our community.

Make it happen!

We haven’t contacted any owners/residents of Waiwera road so please phone us if you do not wish to have

tables outside your property, Stella 09 4210832, Margaret 09 4264792 or lyn 09 4268885

Significant Issue

Tuesday evening’s Auckland Council Draft Unitary Plan presentation brought out about 40 people from Puhoi as well as Upper Waiwera and Mahurangi West. Andrew Cranna-Powell described the distress being caused to landowners such as himself by the proposed imposition of SEAs – Significant Ecological Areas -designations on rural properties, seemingly without consultation. AU planner and presenter Peter Vari agreed there might be a possibility of more debate on this issue if landowners got together and requested it. Andrew’s email is andrew@crannapowell.com

There’s Been A Bustle In Your Hedgerow

Notice any changes to our Central Business District riverbank? About 10 adults and some children got stuck in on Saturday morning and cleared the clumps of Arundo –Spanish Reed – and other pest weeds from below the Sports Club. The plan is to mulch the bare soil and plant with natives when the weather allows. Thanks to organisers Shelley Hackett and Rodney Straka and all who chopped in, not to mention Benjy the goat, who, it was proven by scientific testing, namely placing a branch beneath his nose, could be the weed disposal prototype of the future

Auckland Unitary Plan: RMA Participation Workshop

  • Organised by the Environmental Defence Society
  • Hosted by Auckland Council
  • Funded by the Ministry for the Environment
  • A one-day workshop to up-skill community groups and individuals
  • on the environmental aspects of the Draft Unitary Plan
  • See www.eds.org.nz for further information about content and presenters


Saturday 20 April 2013, Auckland Town Hall




Topics covered


Opening by Mayor

Introduction and overview

Purpose of the workshop

Overview of programme

Housekeeping matters

Thanks to MFE and Auckland Council

Introduction to EDS




Introduction to Auckland Unitary Plan

Overall purpose of plan

Broad structure of plan

Big picture issues

Submission process on draft plan

Accessing plan

Getting involved in RMA Auckland Unitary Plan processes

Decision-making process

Making an effective submission

Presenting your case at the hearing

Use of expert witnesses

Rights of appeal

When the plan takes effect

Questions and discussion







Council presenters:

Overview of provisions related urban form, landscape and rural subdivision their intent and anticipated impact on outcomes on the groundCommentators:

Strengths and weaknesses of urban form, landscape and rural subdivision provisionsQuestions and discussion







Council presenter:

Overview of provisions related to coastal and marine, their intent and anticipated impact on outcomes on the groundCommentators:

Strengths and weaknesses of coastal and marine provisionsQuestions and discussion







Council Presenters:

Overview of provisions related to biodiversity and freshwater, their intent and anticipated impact on outcomes on the groundCommentators:

Strengths and weaknesses of biodiversity and freshwater provisionsQuestions and discussion




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