Landing Celebrations

Morning –
8.30 am -Weekly Sunday Mass in the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, Puhoi.
9 am to 1 am.-Monthly Farmers Market at Puhoi Sports Centre and the Domain with Bohemian food and music.
10.30 am.- Morning tea.
12.30 am- Lunch
Afternoon –  Puhoi Hall
12:45- 1:45 pm “Puhoi Bohemian Band”
2:00  –  3:00 pm “Ohaupo Bohemian Band”

3.00 pm – Afternoon tea..
Also another opportunity to view displays, visit Museum, Church, Cemetery and other points of interest.

Landing Celebration

1st Group of Bohemians landed on the banks of Puhoi River on this day in 1863

Morning –
8 am onwards.-Information desk/regulations open all day.
9.00 am – Anniversary Mass in the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, Puhoi celebrated by Bishop Patrick Dunn
and former surviving priests who served in our Parish.
10.30 am– Morning tea.
11.15 am.- Puhoi Centennial Hall – the official ceremony of welcome and opening of the celebrations.
12.30 pm.– Lunch
2 pm.
 Photographs of individual and family groups, museum and other visits to historical places.
2:45pm “Folkworks” plays for the Puhoi Bohemian dancers Af Matzlbooch, Heint af d’Nacht, and
U wenn i zu mein Moiderl Gaeih
3 to 5.00 pm- Bohemian dancing and music by the Puhoi and Ohaupo Bohemian Bands with the dudelsack

and accordians in the Hall..
Evening –
6.00 pm. –Dinner in the Puhoi Hall.
7.30 pm – Old Time Dance, Puhoi Hall “Blue Jays Band” MC. Kelvin Schedewy
Beard growing or best dressed Monte Carlo
6 pm -8.30 pm  Evening disco for up to 14 year olds in the Puhoi Sports Club.
Entry $5 and basic refreshments available in kitchen.



Honouring of Senior Descendants and Musicians

Traditional, by invitation, Honouring of Senior Descendants and Musicians midday dinner
commemorating the Bohemian Landing Day on 29th June 1863.
Visit Museum, Church, displays and visits to historic sites.
Evening – Social function/Mix and mingle at Puhoi Hotel where the Puhoi Bohemian Band will be playing.

Meet and Greet

Information desk/registrations open all day.
Puhoi Historical Society displays in the Puhoi Hall .

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