Organic Chestnuts Sale

Chestnut season is upon us and now’s the time to
get creative with all things chestnut!
Chestnuts are relatively low in calories, exceptionally rich in vitamin C, a good
source of dietary fibre as well as many other minerals and vitamins. You’ll find a
gazillion recipe ideas on the internet including uses for both sweet and savory.
Our chestnuts are completely spray free – no pesticide or insecticide nasties and
are totally organic, just how mother nature intended!
Ready harvested and ready to use.
$3.00 per each 500g
(a great price when compared with supermarkets and speciality stores that stock them)
Call, text or pop in …..
Julia Manuel
422 5151 / 021 2286665 / 1176 Ahuroa Road
(across the road from the Lothlorien orchards)