Non-Acute Medical Cover In Puhoi During the Alert

Local Nurse, Amy Tolhopf as kindly offered the village her help during the lockdown. Please respect her position and try to limit your demands as much as possible, especially concerning direct contact – remote is best, on 0275164530!

Hi everyone, my name’s Amy, I’m a registered nurse with primary health care and acute care experience. I’m just letting you know I live locally and if for any reason throughout this period you are unable to attend a medical facility due to mobility issues, your home help for wound dressings and medication don’t arrive or we get to the point where you can’t access medical or emergency facilities (god help us if this happens) please feel free to contact me! I have oxygen and limited emergency supplies but they are available if needed. Take care, be kind and stay at home

Please just reiterate that if there is immediate life threatening concerns to call 111 I’m here as a backstop. If however there is medical concerns regarding day to day medical needs (carers not showing up). Or we are unable to access medical facilities I’m happy to go see them and triage them or do a dressing change, help with their medications as needed.

Happy to triage over the phone as I know healthline is very much overloaded. Or if your isolated, alone, concerned about someone else or just need a chat or guidance please don’t hesitate to call. Or send me a message if you have no minutes etc and I can call you back.
Take care everyone, we are very lucky to live in such a beautiful area to ride this out

Amy can be contacted on Facebook or by phone on 0275164530