Minutes of the Puhoi Forum Community Meeting 27 April 2018


HELD AT PUHOI SPORTS CLUB ON 27 APRIL 2018 commencing at 7.30pm


Paul Manton, Dustyn O’Leary co chairs. Judith, Sheryll, Teri, Mike Swain, Sandra Beagley, Sorrel secretary, Luke Krieg


Motion 1

THAT the minutes of the meeting held on 27 February 2018 be confirmed as a true and accurate record.

Moved: Paul Manton

Seconded: Terri Ryder



Motion 2

THAT the Treasurer’s report for March 2017 and the end of the 2106/2017 Financial year was accepted.

Moved: Jenny Schollum

Seconded: Dustyn O’Leary



Question raised to the members present: Does the forum wish to make a submission? As a forum who de we represent in our comments? What parts of the following can we comment on?

(Paul Manton raised some extracts regarding the finances of Auckland Council)

Questions from the Local Board regarding their 10 Year Budget/Plan that the Forum felt it could comment on included:

1. Do you support the local board funding to maintain town centres?

We would like to see smaller community centers rather than larger town development as feel these areas often get left out.

2. Annual targeted rate for transport in Rodney? i.e. to include the sealing of Krippner road.

Sheryll notes that in Waiwera they have asked for a maintenance seal rather than full seal. Discussion was held regarding the which roads in Puhoi were most in need of sealing, it was agreed that Ahuroa Road was more of in issue with traffic and dust than Krippner, given the road is used as a detour route when SH1 is closed.

Motion 3

THAT the forum will make a submission on the 10 Year Budget and comment that Ahuroa Road is of a higher priority to the community than Krippner road for receiving a ‘maintenance seal’.

Moved: Judith Williams

Seconded: Paul Manton

(Show of hands shows all in agreement).



Dustyn O’Leary (CoChair) has met with Hokai Nuku (Group responsible for the design of an entranceway feature for the new motorway) to discuss the Puhoi entrance. This group wishes to work with the local people to develop a landscape, bridge or art feature which reflects the joint history of the Bohemian settlers and local iwi. The design will consider the visual identity of Puhoi and expression of interest are wanted from people who want to be involved. The Historical society wish to be included.

Motion 4:

Put it out to the wider community to garner interest and set up a working group to develop this design in consultation with Hokai Nuku (Action – Dustyn). use Facebook page and newsletter.

Moved: Mike Swain

Seconded: Jenny Scholum



Larry Mitchell has proposed to push ahead with a slip way on the park side of the river below lower wharf river to assist people getting in and out of their kayaks. There is provision in the original design. Another round of funding is coming up that he will apply for to have this completed.

Motion 5:

THAT the Forum supports Larry in his finalising of the wharf project – all in agreement by show of hands.


  1. Working Groups

Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park

Maintenance of loop track – UMS contractors have been contacted. No response to emails from Dustyn. Tessa said she would follow it up as local board representative. Ask her to contact the contractors. The maintenance is not being done well.

Need to meet on site to walk through the second stage of the river walkway and ensure this is also mowed as part of regular pathway maintenance contract.

Paul will contact Park’s management in Council to address this.

General discussion on planting riverbank, costs, plants needed, who to use, picking up of pots.

Road safety group

Need to set a meeting date. Chair costing out sleeper design on one side only and applying for funds for this. Consent for project – Forum can apply for an exemption from Auckland Transport where we will maintain the assets/replace any damaged sleepers.

Civil Defense/ Neighbourhood Support

Heston can no longer fulfil his role, so there is no ERMP. Don Hill of tiger Hill alpacas or Ian Boothroyd, prior president of sports club have both been approached but neither of them are prepared to lead.

Volunteer numbers are down for them. Judith will put it in the newsletters – what are the qualifications for this role – communications, generators, people coordinator. Need to establish local first responders, communications plan. List possible emergencies – what do we need?

Luke Krieg says he may be able to help.

Village market

Good market, downstairs area of the sports club has been painted and kitchen has been cleaned. The move upstairs was not successful as it was difficult to draw punters up. Sandra arrives at 6.30 and she and Jackie had to move the freedom campers. Does the market have permission to move people on to clear the area for the market? – Judith notes that we have permission from Council to run the market.

Need to put a sign up on day before market.

Tessa was looking into signage, regarding freedom campers. no response from her yet.

Historic Society

New sign in on this side of the bridge regarding weight limits. This is right where the new flag pole and gates were to be mounted. There will be a small working bee to put the gates int. All materials and flagpole and are being prepared for installation.

Advance notice 29th June will be the 155 year Puhoi Anniversary Day. Bohemian dinner for golden ages on the Friday, catered, but need help, Sat night is the Community Dance.

Puhoi Trivia Nights

Items need for the Forum raffle hamper- cosmetics, wine, – please pass any offerings to Judith.

Thursday night 19th April is Trivial Night at pub, one of the nights is going to be the flagpole memorial fund night – may be used for plaque, planting etc.

The meeting closed at 8.45pm.


The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 24th April at 7.30pm.