Minutes for Puhoi Community Forum: August 2013


27th AUGUST 2013


PRESENT: C Hallett, P Manton, J Williams, M Townson, B Townson, D Brown, L Mitchell, T Koops, J Simons, A Cranna-Powell, S Titford, B Titford, P Endemann, J Turner, P Straka, S Tisdall, D Hay, R Nahi, G Sorensen


APOLOGIES: R Green, L Anderson, S Hackett, H Everts Moved: D Hay 2nd: J Williams


MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Minutes of previous meeting Moved: P Manton 2nd T Koops




CORRESPONDENCE IN: “Power of Communities” workshop with J Diers. Put on the website by Mike. D Hay attended this workshop and found it worthwhile. He thought that “enthusiasm is the key to a thriving community” was the message from this workshop.

B Townson accepted the invitation to speak at the Forum meeting.



1. Invitation to Bill Townson of Northern Action Group (NAG) to address the Forum.

2. Email to Bill Scroggins suggesting that he contact local landowners re his election billboards.

3. Email to the following people/groups involved with the 150th celebrations expressing thanks and appreciation for work and effort:


Brendan Schollum

Sue Tisdall

Gillian Seymour

Jenny Neel

Bernadette Straka

Ruth Cunliffe

Phillippa Beagley

Bohemian Association of Puhoi/Ohaupo Descendants

Jenny Schollum


TREASURERS REPORT:Payment of $120.00 for secretarial services M: J Williams 2nd: D Hay


Invited Speaker Bill Townson from Northern Action Group (NAG @ www.nag.org.nz) presented the group’s plan to form a North Rodney Unitary Council to the Puhoi Community Forum. L Mitchell added the financial details. Polling, for or against the proposal (which is fully described on the website) can be done online or by filling out a voting form at the Puhoi Store or Puhoi Pub.

L Mitchell (094220598) is happy to discuss all aspects of the plan and its likely effect upon Puhoi locals.

J Simons asked what would be the NAG share of the debt currently payable by Auckland Council. J Williams queried the level of enthusiasm within Puhoi for joining with NAG. D Brown spoke to the proposal.


P Straka thanked B Townson and L Mitchell for taking time to speak to the Forum meeting.



  1. Local Board: J Turner stated the footpath and bridge is still under consideration. Yards are not yet built, which means that any cattle cannot be moved at present. It is important to refer all correspondence to Melissa Jack. There being one more meeting for this term of office Mrs Turner expressed how much she had enjoyed her involvement with the Forum and hoped to do so in the future. P Straka thanked Mrs Turner for all her work to date. J Turner thanked the Titfords for their commitment to the community.
  2. Memorial Park: Stockyards not built as yet so not possible to move stock at present.
  3. Motorway access: J Simons spoke to the proposed ramps/toll question
  4. Puhoi Business Group: website has been updated and the launch will happen shortly
  5. Hall Committee: no report
  6. Sports Club: field closed as it is not useable at present due to water issues
  7. Rural Fire Force: D Hay presented comprehensive report (on file).
  8. 150th Committee: Meeting to wind up on 29th August 2013 and settle all relevant matters.
  9. Library: No report
  10. Church: No report
  11. Farmers Market: very quiet
  12. Puhoi Structure Plan: No report
  13. Landcare: final planting day 1 September 10 AM
  14. Advisory Committee: Covered in (a) above. Lease agreement is under discussion.
  15. Historical Society: S Tisdall has attended workshops with Te Papa for ongoing knowledge, also attending Regional Museum meeting etc and the Northern Museums. Waiting to hear from the advisory board or council re the site for a new museum. 29th September meeting to wind up the 150th organisation. Cake stalls, raffles, dancing etc to fundraise for our new building. There will also be a large raffle announced shortly to fundraise for the new building. 27th October an Art and Craft Market in the hall with a high tea, again fundraising for the building. Phone Sue 4220183 or me.hungrycreek@clear.net.nz for more information.



A Cranna-Powell gave a brief summary of the challenges involved with the SEA’s as outlined in the proposed Unitary Plan. There is a review process in place.

P Manton spoke to the lack of hitching rails for those riding horses into the village. He is happy to install posts in the river park stock yards for those wishing to “park” their horses. Roads are very busy at present and he queried the possibility of erecting signs advising horses/stock movement on Ahuroa and Krippner Roads. Contact within the Council is Auckland Transport. J Turner to forward any emails to those responsible for signage.

D Hay to collate traffic incident information, i.e. number plates, dates, at derekya@xtra.co.nz.



NEXT MEETING: 24th September 2013

CHAIRMAN: Hans Everts