Minutes for Puhoi Community Forum: January 2014


PO Box 404199 PUHOI


Tuesday 28 January 2014

CHAIRMAN – Hans Everts

PRESENT: M Hayton, G Driver, M Bellham, S Buckley, P Manton, G Sayers (RLB), J Williams, P Cooley, B Cooley, H Darnell, R Green, B Houlbrooke (RLB), T Koops, P Straka, D Hay, H Everts (Chair), G Sorensen

APOLOGIES: S Hackett, B Titford

MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Presented and accepted. Moved S Tisdall 2nd: P Straka



T Koops presented the work that has been done to date in order to promote the PCF.

Family violence Invitation – circulated

S Hackett – circulated, please disregard the latter part of the letter as it was included in error.

Adrian Anderson on promoting Puhoi; to be addressed at the Forum meeting in February.


Letter to Russell Green regarding the installation of memorial seats in the Park

TREASURERS REPORT: Presented and accepted Moved: D Hay, 2nd: T Koops

H Everts spoke to the financial position of the Forum, reiterating that the honorarium will no longer apply to the secretary’s role. A $5 subscription was proposed for membership of PCF for the remainder of the year. H Everts spoke to the group re the function of the PCF, its makeup and relationship to the broader community. P Manton further outlined to the meeting/newcomers the structure and purpose of the Forum.


  1. Local Board: Both Beth Houlbrooke and Greg Sayers attended tonight’s meeting. Beth reported on: 1. Community consultation on the Atlas site. There is an Expo this Saturday at Mahurangi College Hall. 2. March 2 Expo at the Warkworth show grounds – vision for the future, the bigger picture. 3. There are a number of surveys on line at present, please support these. 4. There is a slip in the Park at present which is being attended to. 5. The footbridge and footpath are in the detailed design phase at present. 6. Draft Annual Plan has been presented – refer to Website for more detail. H. Darnell, library representative, says there is a copy available in the Puhoi Library for perusal.

  2. Puhoi Memorial Park: refer toemails as circulated. 1. Grazing Lease is being looked at at present. P Manton, P Straka, H Everts to follow up possible lessees. Currently water, yards, and sub-paddocks are all issues to be considered, together with gates and access. 2. H Everts spoke to PCF re the recently stolen timber. This timber has been replaced and the matter is now closed. Locks are to be replaced in the Park. 3. Weeds – Council has a certain responsibility for the maintenance and Bio security is currently looking at this issue. 4. Memorial seats- letter on file re their installation. T Koops developed the plan, R Green to oversee the installation, P Manton will also be involved in this project. 5. Mowing of track. This has not been done for some considerable time. The slip purportedly prevented the mower to complete this work. Under consideration.

  3. Park Advisory Committee: The AGM for this group was planned for 11/2/2014. Changes are at present being made by Auckland Council to the structure of this body. B Houlbrook to follow up. M Bellham asked about the new national walkway, specifically the notice at the top of the loop track; P Manton replied.

  4. Motorway: H Darnell addressed the community’s current involvement in addressing the Puhoi access ramps for the new motorway.

  5. Puhoi Business: S Tisdall noted that the AGM of Matakana Coast and Country is to be held on Monday 2/2/2014. J Williams spoke to the need for Puhoi businesses to be represented.

  6. Centennial Hall : No report

  7. Sports Club: Soccer tournament 7-14 February. Muster for soccer and netball.

  8. Rural Fire Force: R Green reinforced the need for permits for fires. January was quiet. There are 10 volunteers at present, and they are always looking for more. The new Ute has now arrived. The plans for the new station will be available at the Farmers Market in February. They hope to be in the new premises at the end of 2014.

  9. Library: H Darnell outlined plans for Waitangi Day, Valentine’s Day and Anzac Day displays in the library. The library is now able to draw on their own excellent resources to enable these displays.

  10. Church & Cemetery: P Straka noted that both are open for business

  11. Farmers Market: refer to circulated email from J Williams. She reported that there are a number of initiatives for the 6th birthday celebrations 23rd February 2014. Please support local.

  12. Auckland Council Unitary Plan: refer to General Business below

  13. Landcare: refer S Hackett circulated email. H Evertsreinforced the need for Landcare to be active in and supported by the local community.

  14. Historical Society: S Tisdall reported thatN Golding had worked diligently over the holidays for this organisation. Adrian Anderson’s letter addressed aspects of the plans for the new building. The Treaty of Waitangi has now to be considered in relation to land issues. S. Tisdall will keep us informed as to progress. Ongoing.

  15. 150th committee report: no report

  16. PCF promotion: T Koops presented a number of initiatives to promote the Forum. This is ongoing and will be presented at further PCF meetings.


1. Auckland Unitary Plan and Puhoi.

H Everts presented this report. The Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan continues to incorporate the core features of our original Puhoi Structure Plan, and thus continues to be supported by the Forum. However, several specific matters need attention, including the need for the zone designation for the sports fields to be changed to Public Open Space – Sports and Recreation; for both the original convent and convent school to be included in the list of places of significant historical heritage value; for reference to Puhoi to be made in the list of precincts in the North area of Auckland; and for the property owners involved (especially of the Hotel and the General Store) to take responsibility for deciding whether they wish to be included in the newly defined Neighbourhood Centre area. There was discussion on our confusion regarding the designation of Puhoi under three different zones – the generic Rural and Coastal Settlement zone, the newly-defined Sub-Precinct A, and the newly-defined Neighbourhood Centre. It is the distinction between the first two of these that is most confusing. G Sayers spoke to the “precinct plan” concept. H Everts and J Simons are to arrange a meeting with Unitary Plan consultants as soon as possible, and report back to the Forum for further discussion at the next meeting.


NEXT MEETING: 25 February 2014


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