Minutes for Puhoi Community Forum: February 2014


PO Box 404199 PUHOI


Tuesday 25 February 2014



PRESENT: M Hayton, G Driver, K Warren, H Everts, P Straka (chair) B Titford, B Houlbrooke, T Koops, M Bellham, S Buckley, J Williams, L Mitchell, J Simons, S Tisdall, G Sorensen


APOLOGIES: R Green, D Hay, P Cooley, B Cooley, P Manton M: H Everts 2nd: J Williams



J. Simons requested an amendment:

Amendment: It was requested that the last paragraph be amended to read:

“There was discussion regarding the designation of Puhoi under three different zones- the Generic Rural and Coastal Settlement Zone, the newly-defined Sub-Precinct A and the newly-defined Neighbourhood Centre. G Sayers spoke to the “Precinct Plan Concept.”

M: H Everts 2nd: S Tisdall




Revised Unitary Plan feedback H Everts (circulated)

Paul Cliffe – weed control in the Memorial park

“What do you want from the Forum” suggestions- refer to GB



H Everts to P Cliffe re Memorial Park Weed control

What do you want from the Forum in 2014? (Circulated)


TREASURERS REPORT: tabled M: G Sorensen 2nd: L Mitchell



Local Board: Submissions close this Friday. Local Board “Rodney in the Spotlight” Expo at Mahurangi College Warkworth this Saturday. 10 am – 4pm. Auckland Transport (AT) meeting presented and discussed the designs for the footbridge. $90,000 will not cover costs, but a further allocation will be made.

Puhoi Memorial Park: Grazing sub-licence under review nearly completed. J Williams proposed thanks to P Straka and H Everts for their efforts. H Everts presented Ecological Management Plan prepared by Boffa Miskell Ltd re the park. (Circulated). Bio security has visited the area and 90 hours has been allocated to work with Landcare and the Forum. Landcare to prepare an action plan for work to be completed in the Park.

Park Advisory Committee: There is an Auckland-wide review as to how the parks and reserves are managed to bring all areas into line with each other. Park Advisory Board AGM will not be necessary, but the Sub-licence Agreement needs to go to B Houlbrooke for her attention. L Mitchell questioned whether there could be a closer relationship between PCF and the reconstituted Advisory Board. B Houlbrooke left the meeting at 8.35pm giving her apologies for next month’s meeting.

Motorway: J Simons presented a report re the motorway access and the impact of the residential expansion planned for Warkworth, and its possible effect on a Puhoi on/off ramp. H Everts stated that any plan would be open for public comment.


Revised Unitary Plan Feedback


The email circulated 11 February 2014 by H Everts was discussed at this point in the meeting to enable B Houlbrooke to attend prior to an early departure. Planners need to be conscientious and careful to recognise the special character of Puhoi. Submissions are to be presented at the end of the month. S Tisdall spoke to the Sub-Precinct A concept.


There was general support for the following three proposals.


1. Heritage protection. Proposal: Both the former Convent School and the Convent should be included in the list of places of significant historical heritage value.

M: J Williams 2nd: H Everts


2. Neighbourhood Centre and Sub-precinct A: Proposal: It is up to property owners directly affected (especially the hotel and general store) to decide about the nature and worth of the newly-defined Neighbourhood Centre.

M: S Tisdall 2nd: T Koops


3. Zones. Proposal: The zone designation of the sports fields under Public Open Spaces – Conservation should be changed to Public Open Space – Sports and Recreation.

M: H Everts 2nd S Tisdall


4. Puhoi Precinct. Proposal: We strongly submit that the proposed Puhoi Precinct be abolished as confusing, divisive, and redundant. It adds nothing necessary or new. The two new zones outlined above, and the two-fold set of associated rules meet the aspirations of the community as expressed over many years and articulated in the Puhoi Structure Plan. M: H Everts 2nd: J Williams

Puhoi Business: Report presented and filed.

Centennial Hall: no report

Sports Club: no report

Rural Fire Force: Plans are with planners at present and progressing. It is hoped that a report will be available shortly. The PRFF will be available to complete the project of the seats in the Memorial Park.

Library: no report

Church & Cemetery: Three funerals in one day.

Farmers Market: Circulated by email. Very successful birthday celebrations Report filed.

Auckland Council Unitary Plan: Refer to General Business

Landcare: no report but see above under memorial Park

Historical Society: report presented and filed. K Warren, whose property would be next door to the proposed building, was advised that the land has not yet been secured and that any development would be with full consultation. J Simons asked about the Maori Development involvement in the future development of our area. S Tisdall spoke to his enquiry.

150th committee report: no report


GENERAL BUSINESS: “What do you want from the Forum”


D Hay proposed:

Meetings begin promptly at 7.30pm, ending at 9pm whenever possible.

Group Reports kept to a 2-3 minute limit where possible.

G Sorensen asked

That longer reports be submitted one week prior to the meeting in order that they could be included in the agenda. J Williams spoke to this proposal, stating that this would not always be practical.

S Tisdall proposed

That for safety reasons there should be a footpath to the Shrine. A Walkway/extension to the one in the park out to SH1.

Arrows on the road leading from the Cheese Factory to Ahuroa road to “remind” tourists. All these suggestions are to be included in a Forum review of infrastructure matters to be forwarded to Auckland Transport (AT) later this year.

M Bellham recommended a walkway/footpath from the Cheese Factory to the village, very dangerous for walkers at present. J Simons mentioned that T Sampson and A Dunn had completed a feasibility study on this proposal a number of years ago.

G Sorensen to follow up.

H Everts proposed the following:

Apply for community funding from Auckland Council

Continue to develop the Park (In progress)

Develop a brochure about the Forum and its member organisations (T Koops- in progress) with distribution of the brochure to locals, especially newcomers.

Invite people and organisations that cluster around similar themes to present ideas and issues at a meeting, e.g. youth, ecological issues, promoting Puhoi

Continue to push for infrastructure development


Northern Action Group

L Mitchell gave a brief update on the NAG and referred people to the website NAG.com

Refer to latest edition of Mahurangi Matters.

There was a Local Government Commission meeting two weeks ago.

Araparera – there has been no accountability to the ratepayers from the Trust, re funding allocated to Rodney roading.

11th March 2014 public meeting to highlight the roading issues.


p) T Koops presented his report on the promotion of the Forum. Circulated. Submission to T Koops via email please for inclusion in the “welcome pack” which contains a PCF membership form. M Bellham suggested that we have a stall at the Farmers Market or similar event, to promote PCF.





NEXT MEETING: 25th March 2014



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