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From: Larry Mitchell <>
Date: 3 February 2017 at 09:44
Subject: Resent fwd message of yesterday.LL
To: Max and Wendy Hayton <>

Please circulate to the Forum Members. Please also post to the Facebook
account and the web site.

Just a wee note to cover a few issues that arose at the last Forum meeting.

1. Our proposal is a voluntary grass roots not for profit community
initiative intended to progressively develop a Little Village of which we
can all be proud.

2. It is a project intended to recognise the special heritage and
historical significance of the Puhoi settlement.

3. The project as proposed includes a modern Museum associated with other
permanent historical exhibits, spaces for Bohemian music and dancing, a
model Pa site and a Heritage orchard.

4. The proposed site in the park will be fully landscaped, stormwater
drainage installed and planted around its perimeter.

5. The preferred site is geographically distinct (a small self contained
valley) is currently unkempt and has little alternative value in use
including only a small area of suitable stock grazing area. It is also
located in an area that does not conflict with the other uses of the
remainder of the Park.
​Given these positive, desirable and community based plans, our group would
like to hear “the substance” of any objections to this plan. Our proposed
​March 5th Information Day is intended to assist with this process. Council
facilitated consultations and surveys will follow.

Our group wishes to put on record that we will continue to keep the Forum
informed on these matters, all of which of course can only be decided upon
by the owners of the Park (The Council). As we are sure the Forum will
appreciate, all decisions are fully subject to Council controlled planning
consenting processes and to which all parties concerned are subject to.

Thank You

Larry Mitchell Spokesperson of the Puhoi Heritage Little Village Project.


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