Little Village Project

[from Ian Anderson]

See brochure

Our village of Puhoi has a rich heritage of over 150 years of historical connection to its original Bohemian settlers. The ‘Puhoi Heritage Little Village project’, to be located in central Puhoi, takes advantage of its close proximity (30 minutes) from Auckland City with its Auckland to Puhoi motorway connection.  It will provide visitors with a unique destination to visit for a truly memorable quality heritage, historical and leisure experience for children and adults alike.

We are seeking your support to help the Puhoi Heritage Little Village project become a reality. The brochure attached explains in more detail about what is envisaged, where, when and how we are aiming to achieve this goal.  The Puhoi to Warkworth motorway is targeted to open for traffic by late 2021 and we are aiming to have the project completed before then.

I’m sure you will appreciate there is still an enormous amount of work involved to achieve these goals and your support will be so important to getting this project started.

In the brochure we have indicated with an asterisk where the initial funds we are seeking will be used to get this project started. Donation information is listed on page 11 of the brochure about how your contribution will enable you as an individual/family or as a business can become a founding member of the Puhoi Heritage Little Village.  We look forward to welcoming you as a special part of our exciting project.

Kind regards

Adrian Anderson

2016 Puhoi Heritage Project Team member


PS! If you have family, relations or business associates that have a connexion to Puhoi can you please forward the brochure to them?