Historical Society AGM Report

At the Puhoi Historical Society AGM on May 14, Sue Tisdall was returned as president and Sheryll Titford and Jenny Schollum as secretary and treasurer, with Stephen Schedewy as a new addition to the committee. Many thanks to the society for all the hard and valuable work you always do – we note how it has stepped up vastly this sesquicentennial year.

As Hans Everts pointed out during the launch at the AGM of the publication Celebrating Puhoi, A Walking Guide to the Puhoi Historic Village and Its Bohemian Heritage, heritage was sacred and precious to the individual and the community, and it was timely to consider what our community would need in the next 10 to 20 years, and the Puhoi Historical Society’s place in this future. Hans especially mentioned the role of  Werner Fischer, who is now very ill, in the production of Celebrating Puhoi. The publication is on sale through the PHS for $10.

And at the same meeting Carole Hay and Priscilla Everts gave a foretaste of the art and photographic display being planned for the June 28-30 2013 in collaboration with the Puhoi Historical Society. The venture will see the Hall walls covered with historic photographs provided by the society, representing the Puhoi of the past, and that of the present represented by the two artists, who have combined their photographic, artistic and calligraphic talents for the anniversary

The meeting thanked them for their contribution in enhancing Puhoi’s sesquicentennial.