Fire Brigade Workshop

Community Fire Station workshop 90 Mins


  • Affirmation that the community support the fire station
  • Concrete fundraising ideas with people to lead them
  • Possibility of a fundraising subcommittee and/or new committee members
3.00 Welcome from Russel hand over to Cissy
Continuum of (still to be thought of) intros of who is in the room
Quick overview from Russell – mention

  • Community asset
  • Had so many ideas need them to be actions
  • Need to be over $5K
3.15 World café topics

  • Where to get grants
  • Big community events – like the fishing contest
  • Local heroes – who might be able to gift money or explore sponsorship deals
  • Community members with expertise eg consents, sponsorship
A series of tables that everyone visits in small groups

Paper and pens needed

3.40 In small groups – consolidate and create a mini plan
3.50 Present back to group – together these make one big plan
4.05 Who is keen to be part of a fundraising group? Who will convene?
Final round –