February in the Riverside Park

This is a good time of year for enjoying the Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park. On the Loop Track two new seats are being installed along the top section as a gift by Val Dunn and family, and Arthur Dunn’s Memorial provides a scenic overview of village and valley. Dogs are permitted on the Loop Track. Should there be cattle in the paddock where the track crosses it, note that they are used to people and friendly, may approach you in curiosity, but should be ignored and certainly not be frightened.


Puhoi village from Dunn Memorial

Puhoi village from Dunn Memorial – photo by Theo Koops

The 5 km. long Puhoi Track is part of the national Te Araroa Track system, and has become well known among locals and visitors alike. It has fewer viewing places, but the scenery is varied, and the stands of mature native trees are magnificent. Dogs are not allowed on the parts of this track where it does not overlap with the Loop Track. Remember to have transport placed at both ends of the track unless you want a long walk to retrieve your car. A refreshment stop in the village after walking the track is highly recommended.


The meadow, past the first gate and near the old tennis pavilion, is an excellent place for picnics and informal recreation. It is also used for casual equestrian activities.


Horse riding is becoming a more popular pastime in the Park as well as elsewhere in the village. While permitted and encouraged in public areas in the Park, there are no bridle paths separate from the walking track so that, when on a track, avoid damaging or soiling it, especially when the weather is wet.


The Puhoi Community Forum is sponsoring an initiative to create a Riverside Walkway along the bank of the Puhoi river, starting from the second gate. The first stage runs some 300 metres to the cluster of macrocarpas and will consist of a stock-proof fence, a walkway/bridle path, and a planted riverbank. Work will commence on construction of the fence shortly. If you want to help with any part of this project, please contact Hans (phone 422 0026).


The grazing lease is in full use. Kevin Jones, the lessee, has done a great job of building culverts, clearing road tracks, extensively rebuilding parts of the old woolshed, making hay, refurbishing the old water pump, clearing logs, mending fences, and installing water troughs in different paddocks. He has brought cattle back in after the summer break. As stated on the notice at the first gate, please do not enter paddocks in which there are stock, except for the Loop Track, as noted above. On grazed paddocks, keep dogs leashed and horses under control.


The local community contributes to the upkeep of the Park. A working party will tackle weed control on February 21st. Please come along to the Park at 9.00. To help with Landcare activities, please contact Shelley (422 0076), Rodney (027 2793775) or Phillippa (422 0009).


Hans Everts, Puhoi Community Forum