Puhoi Road Safety Group

[From  Puhoi Road Safety RLB Presentation 8th Sept 14 (pdf)]

What is the problem?


  • We have a growing community – with a lot more children – and increasing numbers of visitors, which means that there is a greater risk of accidents occurring
  • We have lots of different users – equestrians, cars, cyclists, trucks, buses, walkers – and we need the infrastructure and behaviour that lets everybody get along
  • The speed environment doesn’t always reflect the way the area has developed or support the way we use the road

Why have a Road Safety Group? im2

  • To get support for road safety improvements and help the community get their message across as one voice
  • To co-ordinate efforts of the community, landowners and transport organisations, so we make best use of what we have
  • There is scarce funding for infrastructure improvements – so we need to make sure we have a clear plan and can use funds as they become available

What will we do?

The Puhoi Way

    • Respect all users – Horse riders;Drivers; Cyclists; Motorbikes; Loggingtrucks; Pedestrians; young and old kids
    • Make best use of the space we have to reflect different use at different times – market day; school pick up;events; normal days
    • We are rural – any solutions need to maintain the lifestyle and look & feel of our rural village and valley

It’s up to us

    – we’ll work as a community to get things done and encourage good behaviour

What might it look like?


What we’ll achieve

  • Help traffic slow down as it approaches


    the village

  • Create a a safer environment in the
    village centre – all the time
  • Create a safer environment for walkers,
    cyclists and equestrians on our rural roads
  • Make it safer to walk in the village to
    access the café and other areas

Key Actions

    • Ongoing engagement with AT and Police …
        • Need local board support and
        • Can AT be encouraged to deliver
          through road maintenance ?
    • Finalise the plan of improvements for the village .. Need local board funding and support
    • Community engagement
    • Improve travel behavior .. Local board support for AT involvement