Puhoi Community Forum

The Puhoi Community Forum was established in 2005 as an Incorporated Society (see Puhoi – PCF – constitution (revised, July 2012) [PDF]) to help integrate community endeavours by representing Puhoi in wider arenas, giving a collective voice to existing groups, integrating and initiating community endeavours, and instigating and supporting worthy plans.

It does not preclude other initiatives by groups or individuals in Puhoi. It is represented by an elected committee. In recent years, the Forum collaborated with the Rodney District Council to establish the Puhoi Structure Plan which was formally adopted by the RDC in September 2010.

The Forum also formulated the Puhoi Historic Village Concept Traffic Management Plan in May 2011 to serve as a guideline for developing its traffic and transportation structure. Between 2011 and 2013 the Forum actively supported the establishment of a local link with the proposed Puhoi to Wellsford motorway extension.

In 2013 the Forum formally reassumed responsibility for managing the grazing lease in the Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park, and is actively involved in developing the Park as a prized public amenity for use by locals and visitors.

Forum meetings are held monthly; members of the public are invited to attend and contribute to the discussion of community affairs. The Forum is currently Co-chaired by Paul Manton and Dustyn O’Leary . Reports of Forum activities are circulated to its committee members, to Puhoi residents on a local Email circulation list, and are posted here.