Community Groups: Housekeeping

At the forum last night it was mentioned that its often difficult for new people in the village to find out the groups and activities running in the village. The community page has always been on this site  and provides a browseable and searchable index of pages for local groups – accessible through the ‘Community’ button on the menu at the top.

If you are a member of a community group, it would be great if you provide:

  1. Group name
  2. A description of what your group does
  3. When /where it meets
  4. Membership details – is it open to anyone, age groups, subscription etc
  5. Contact details – address/phone,email so I can put a (spam protected) contact form on your page.
  6. Related information such as meeting minutes/reports/agendas/news/events that you want to publicize I can post at any time (just email me) and have it appear in a ‘related’ area on your page (as well as on the site’s front page/posted to facebook/emailed out to the list). A good way of letting the village know what you’re doing!

Don’t worry about fancy formatting – I’m happy to take an email/pdf/word document/whatever and format a page for you. This is completely free of course!

It would be helpful, too, if people with existing entries could check that I have up-to-date info for them.





You Need The Puhoi Weekly Updates

You want to keep up with local events, but can’t be bothered sifting through cat pictures and selfies on social media? Haven’t got time to visit this website every week?

The answer is to make sure you are subscribed to the PuhoiNZ Weekly Updates by email:

  • We send out an update about once a week with information on local events and news.
  • We work with local groups such as the Puhoi Community Forum, Rodney Neighbourhood Support and Civil Defence to bring up to date local information and reports.
  • We try to keep it short and will not include commercial advertising or irrelevant items and will not pass on your contact details to third parties.
  • We are local ourselves and value being able to help connect the Puhoi community.
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