Forum AGM Reminder

Just a little reminder that the Puhoi Forum AGM will be held at the Puhoi Sports Club on Tues 26th June, 7:30. Please come along and support the Forum, it:

  • Constitutes Puhoi’s only collective representation to the Local Board and Council.
  • Manages our precious Riverside Park
  • Provides a way for local residents and groups to communicate and voice concerns.
  • Initiates projects to improve village amenities

Knowing that AGMs aren’t everybody’s idea of a great night out, Terri Ryder has promised spiced wine to all comers….

Puhoi Community Forum Meeting Tuesday 26th June 2018 (Post AGM)


MEETING TO BE HELD ON TUESDAY 26th June 2018 at 7.30pm at



  1. Confirmation of the Minutes of previous Meeting held on 29th May 2018

  1. Matters Arising from those Minutes (not appearing on this Agenda)

  1. Treasurer’s Report – for May 2018– as previously circulated by Jenny Schollum.

  1. General Business

(i) Forum Meeting Venue – new location in the lower room of the sports club. The issue of whether this is to be a permanent arrangement, or another location chosen needs to be discussed.

(ii) River Walkway Planting – update on planting days.

(iii) Working Groups – updates

  • Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park

  • Road Safety Group

  • Civil Defense

  • Neighborhood Support

  • Historic Society

  • Others

NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 31 July at 7.30pm.

Puhoi Community Forum 2018 Agm Agenda Meeting to Be Held On Tuesday June 26th at 7.30pm in the Puhoi Sports Club


Meeting to be held on Tuesday June 26th at 7.30pm in the Puhoi Sports Club

1. Apologies

2. Approval of 2017 AGM Minutes

3. Matters Arising

4. Chairman’s Report

5. Financial Report

6. Correspondence

8. Acceptance of Club and Working Group Representatives

Puhoi Rural Fire Force

Puhoi Heritage Museum

Puhoi Library

Puhoi Farmers Market

Puhoi Centennial Hall Committee

Puhoi Church Properties Committee

Puhoi Sports Club

Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park

Puhoi Horse Riding Group

Puhoi Road Safety Group

Puhoi Pest Control Group

Puhoi Civil Defence

Neighbourhood Support

9. Election of Officers

(Chairperson, Deputy Chair, Secretary & Treasurer)

Note: All current financial members to vote by ballot. Nominations for these roles to be collected from the Financial Membership prior to voting for consideration by all Financial Members.

9. Monthly Forum Meeting to Follow.

Puhoi Community Forum 2017 Agm Minutes Meeting Held On June 27 2017 at 7.30pm in the Puhoi Sports Club


Meeting held on June 27 2017 at 7.30pm in the Puhoi Sports Club


Paul Manton (Chair), Dustyn O’Leary (Co-Chair) Jenny Schollum (Treasurer), Terri Ryder, Sheryll Titford, Brian Titford, Sandra Beagley, Tessa Berger, Kristin Gillies, Val Smith, Ian Boothroyd, Johan Rijnbinde. Gavin Donaldson, Sorrel O’Leary, Judith Williams, Larry Mitchell, Pat Backley, Heston Prospere-Smith Wendy Hayton (Secretary, Minutes)


Beth Houlbrooke, Alison Roe, Martin Smith, Mike Swain, Jenny Neel, Margaret Nelson


Paul Manton, as Chair, welcomed attendees to the meeting.

  1. Approval of AGM Minutes held on 28 June 2016

The Minutes of the last AGM, held on 28 June 2016 were confirmed and accepted.

Moved: Gavin Donaldson

Seconded Terri Ryder


  1. Chair’s Report for year 2016-2017

Two annual reports were presented, one by each Chair, Paul Manton and Dustyn O’Leary. They will be circulated with the minutes.

The Puhoi Community Forum’s activities over the last year included the following major community projects:

  • Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park; Stage 2 of the River Park Walkway.

  • Shared Pathway Development: Gillian Seymour’s Pathway Stage.

  • Greenways Development – Working with the Council Greenways Team, NZTA and the Rodeny Local Board to develop safer walking, sycling and horse riding routes throughout the village and wider area.

  • Puhoi to Warkworth Motorway liaison with NX2

The Chairs’ reports were accepted.

Moved: Dustyn

Seconded: Sorrel O’Leary


  1. Financial Report for year March 2016-2017

Jenny Schollum spoke to her previously circulated, comprehensive financial report for the financial year ended 31 March 2017. The accounts have been audited.

As auditor Larry Mitchell also spoke to the accounts and paid tribute to Jenny for her excellent work as Treasurer. He noted that the grant received from Auckland Council for Park improvements has a deadline of 30 September 2017. He has audited the accounts on the basis that this grant will be completely spent by this deadline date. He was assured that this would be the case. This grant is for

planting and walkway, posts, fencing etc. Planting must take place this season. We have a quote for 2000 plants. Dustyn will organise a species list. Hopefully can get them all planted on one weekend with volunteers to be organised.

This year Kevin Jones farmer will be paying the Forum as lessor, $3025 for the lease which can only be spent on the Puhoi Pioneer’s Memorial Park. This money can only be spent on matters pertaining to the upkeep of the Park and can be spent on the wetlands area, planting, fencing etc.

A letter of appreciation to be sent by Paul Manton to thank Kevin Jones for the good job he is doing with the farm lease.

Paul stated that the lease is publicly available – a lease to operate parkland. The Forum has applied for a new lease. Upon approval, the lease will be available for viewing should anyone wish. There are plans to apply for more grants from various sources for this and new projects when do reserve management review.

The Trivial Pursuits evenings are another small source of income.

The Treasurer’s report was accepted.

Moved: Ian Boothroyd

Seconded: Judith Williams


  1. Correspondence

A letter appointing Sandra Beagley as representative for the year to the Forum on behalf of the Puhoi Town Library had been received.

  1. Acceptance of Club and Group Representatives

The following were elected:

Puhoi Rural Fire Force – Russell Green

Puhoi Historical Society – Sheryll Titford

Puhoi Library – Sandra Beagley

Puhoi Farmers Market – Judith Williams

Puhoi Centennial Hall Committee – Val Smith (main contact)

Puhoi Church Properties Committee – Bernadette Straka

Puhoi Sports Club – Ian Boothroyd

Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park – Puhoi Forum

Puhoi Horse Riding Group – Paul Manton

Puhoi Public Space Development and Road Safety Group – Terri Ryder (main contact)

Puhoi Pest Control Group – Bill Marcroft

Puhoi Eco System Group – Sorrel O’Leary

Puhoi Civil Defence – Heston Prospere- Smith

Neighbourhood Support – Judith Williams

Waiwera Valley Association – Brian Titford

The Club/Group Representatives for 2017-2018 were accepted.

Moved: Terri Ryder

Seconded: Paul Manton


Pest Control – It was agreed that a cohesive approach is essential. Ian Boothroyd volunteered to coordinate this – to be brought up for discussion at the next ordinary business meeting.

  1. Election of Officers

Approval of Co-Chairs

Kristin Gillies took over as Chair during the election.

Nominations were for:

Dustyn O’Leary, Co-Chair

Moved: Judith Williams

Seconded: Jenny Schollum


Paul Manton, Co-Chair

Moved: Judith Williams

Seconded: Jenny Schollum


Dustyn and Paul took back the Chair from Kristin Gillies.

Approval of Deputy Chair

Terri Ryder was nominated.

Moved: Dustyn O’Leary

Seconded: Paul Manton


Approval of Secretary

Wendy Hayton, moved Judith Williams, seconded Dustyn O’Leary

Moved: Judith Williams

Seconded: Dustyn O’Leary


Approval of Treasurer

Jenny Schollum, moved Wendy Hayton, seconded Sheryll Titford

Moved: Wendy Hayton

Seconded: Sheryll Titford


The meeting closed: 8.20pm

Signed: ………………………………………………………………………………………

Minutes of the Puhoi Forum Community Meeting Held at Puhoi Sports Club On 29th May 2018 Commencing at 7.30pm.


HELD AT PUHOI SPORTS CLUB ON 29th May 2018 commencing at 7.30pm.


Cheryl & Brian Titford, Judith Williams, Sandra Beagley, Heston Prosper-Smith.


Dustyn O’Leary (Chair), Paul Manton (co-chair), Terri Ryder, Tessa Berger (Local Board) Jenny Schollum, Sorrel O’Leary (secretary), Luke Krieg.


Motion 1

THAT the minutes of the meeting held on 27 March 2018 be confirmed as a true and accurate record.

Moved: Luke Krieg

Seconded: Paul Manton



Motion 2

THAT the Treasurer’s report for April 2017 be accepted as a true and accurate record.

Moved: Sorrel O’Leary

Seconded: Dustyn O’Leary



(i) River Park Walkway Planting

First River Park planting date for this season (1 of 2 days planting days proposed) was set for Sunday 8 July.

Flyers and advertising will be organized to ensure as good a turn out as possible (action Sorrel O’Leary). The day will aim to plant 1000 plants, with some being sourced from the local Council and others from a local nursery. Rabbit sleeves need to be organized ahead of time and will be installed when planting is done.


  1. Working Group Update

Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park

Planting maintenance – someone needed to do the releasing, Forum can pay for this. Paul notes that we could approach local groups eg the local home school kids or college trip groups who might be interested in doing this work as a fundraising activity. Kevin has started on battening the last section of the walkway fence, is currently halfway through. He is also tidying up the shed where hay is stored. There will be a meeting next Thursday for a Council inspection in order to record a deed of assets to add to lease.

Working bees for the park in the pipeline:

1 sq m of gravel/metal for the bush pathway will be ordered from the Council for resurfacing.

Track clearing of the middle pathway will be done by volunteers when the weather permits.

Next park project after river planting will be to remove the old stock yards and rebuild 4 loose boxes, with the potential for siting community gardens and fruit trees in the space left over.

Following this fencing and planting of the lower farm wetland will also be undertaken.

Road Safety Group

Tessa from the Local Board has come back to inform us that no general funding is available for the footpath sleeper project. Dustyn has applied for a Heritage Grant from council and is waiting on their reply before writing off the council as a funding source for this project.

Other possible to funding opportunities were discussed, such as raise sponsorship and engraving names on the timber sleepers, the group will explore this option.

Tessa also spoke to Ellen Barrett re safety issues and sign off – Luke Krieg has found that an encroachment notice needs to be applied for with Council as the river bank is public land, will need to be processed with AT.

Civil Defense/ Neighbourhood Support

Luke had a briefing with Heston and will support Heston in his efforts.

Puhoi Heritage Museum

AGM was held on the 20 May, no change in personnel resulting from this meeting.

Upcoming events (all are invited!!)

24th June Market Day Founders Day

29th June Puhoi Day – day off for locals. Lunch in the hall, 11.30 meet and lunch at 12 and then off to pub. 30th of June Community Dance.

1st July Bohemian Day

Village market

No-one present to report.

The meeting closed at 8.30 pm.


The next meeting and the AGM will be held on Tuesday 26th June 2018 from 7.30pm.

Minutes of the Puhoi Forum Community Meeting 27 April 2018


HELD AT PUHOI SPORTS CLUB ON 27 APRIL 2018 commencing at 7.30pm


Paul Manton, Dustyn O’Leary co chairs. Judith, Sheryll, Teri, Mike Swain, Sandra Beagley, Sorrel secretary, Luke Krieg


Motion 1

THAT the minutes of the meeting held on 27 February 2018 be confirmed as a true and accurate record.

Moved: Paul Manton

Seconded: Terri Ryder



Motion 2

THAT the Treasurer’s report for March 2017 and the end of the 2106/2017 Financial year was accepted.

Moved: Jenny Schollum

Seconded: Dustyn O’Leary



Question raised to the members present: Does the forum wish to make a submission? As a forum who de we represent in our comments? What parts of the following can we comment on?

(Paul Manton raised some extracts regarding the finances of Auckland Council)

Questions from the Local Board regarding their 10 Year Budget/Plan that the Forum felt it could comment on included:

1. Do you support the local board funding to maintain town centres?

We would like to see smaller community centers rather than larger town development as feel these areas often get left out.

2. Annual targeted rate for transport in Rodney? i.e. to include the sealing of Krippner road.

Sheryll notes that in Waiwera they have asked for a maintenance seal rather than full seal. Discussion was held regarding the which roads in Puhoi were most in need of sealing, it was agreed that Ahuroa Road was more of in issue with traffic and dust than Krippner, given the road is used as a detour route when SH1 is closed.

Motion 3

THAT the forum will make a submission on the 10 Year Budget and comment that Ahuroa Road is of a higher priority to the community than Krippner road for receiving a ‘maintenance seal’.

Moved: Judith Williams

Seconded: Paul Manton

(Show of hands shows all in agreement).



Dustyn O’Leary (CoChair) has met with Hokai Nuku (Group responsible for the design of an entranceway feature for the new motorway) to discuss the Puhoi entrance. This group wishes to work with the local people to develop a landscape, bridge or art feature which reflects the joint history of the Bohemian settlers and local iwi. The design will consider the visual identity of Puhoi and expression of interest are wanted from people who want to be involved. The Historical society wish to be included.

Motion 4:

Put it out to the wider community to garner interest and set up a working group to develop this design in consultation with Hokai Nuku (Action – Dustyn). use Facebook page and newsletter.

Moved: Mike Swain

Seconded: Jenny Scholum



Larry Mitchell has proposed to push ahead with a slip way on the park side of the river below lower wharf river to assist people getting in and out of their kayaks. There is provision in the original design. Another round of funding is coming up that he will apply for to have this completed.

Motion 5:

THAT the Forum supports Larry in his finalising of the wharf project – all in agreement by show of hands.


  1. Working Groups

Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park

Maintenance of loop track – UMS contractors have been contacted. No response to emails from Dustyn. Tessa said she would follow it up as local board representative. Ask her to contact the contractors. The maintenance is not being done well.

Need to meet on site to walk through the second stage of the river walkway and ensure this is also mowed as part of regular pathway maintenance contract.

Paul will contact Park’s management in Council to address this.

General discussion on planting riverbank, costs, plants needed, who to use, picking up of pots.

Road safety group

Need to set a meeting date. Chair costing out sleeper design on one side only and applying for funds for this. Consent for project – Forum can apply for an exemption from Auckland Transport where we will maintain the assets/replace any damaged sleepers.

Civil Defense/ Neighbourhood Support

Heston can no longer fulfil his role, so there is no ERMP. Don Hill of tiger Hill alpacas or Ian Boothroyd, prior president of sports club have both been approached but neither of them are prepared to lead.

Volunteer numbers are down for them. Judith will put it in the newsletters – what are the qualifications for this role – communications, generators, people coordinator. Need to establish local first responders, communications plan. List possible emergencies – what do we need?

Luke Krieg says he may be able to help.

Village market

Good market, downstairs area of the sports club has been painted and kitchen has been cleaned. The move upstairs was not successful as it was difficult to draw punters up. Sandra arrives at 6.30 and she and Jackie had to move the freedom campers. Does the market have permission to move people on to clear the area for the market? – Judith notes that we have permission from Council to run the market.

Need to put a sign up on day before market.

Tessa was looking into signage, regarding freedom campers. no response from her yet.

Historic Society

New sign in on this side of the bridge regarding weight limits. This is right where the new flag pole and gates were to be mounted. There will be a small working bee to put the gates int. All materials and flagpole and are being prepared for installation.

Advance notice 29th June will be the 155 year Puhoi Anniversary Day. Bohemian dinner for golden ages on the Friday, catered, but need help, Sat night is the Community Dance.

Puhoi Trivia Nights

Items need for the Forum raffle hamper- cosmetics, wine, – please pass any offerings to Judith.

Thursday night 19th April is Trivial Night at pub, one of the nights is going to be the flagpole memorial fund night – may be used for plaque, planting etc.

The meeting closed at 8.45pm.


The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 24th April at 7.30pm.

Puhoi Community Forum Agenda: Meeting to Be Held On Tuesday 24th April 2018


MEETING TO BE HELD ON TUESDAY 24th April 2018 at 7.30pm at



  1. Confirmation of the Minutes of previous Meeting held on 27TH March 2018

  1. Matters Arising from those Minutes (not appearing on this Agenda)

  1. Treasurer’s Report – for March 2018 and 2017-2018 financial year – as previously circulated by Jenny Schollum.

  1. NX2 Gateway Group – confirmation of members for working group.

  1. General Business

  1. Puhoi Pioneer’s Memorial River Park

Call for volunteers for working bee in the park – please come along for more info on what needs to be done and to put your name down to help out!!

(ii) Working Groups – updates

  • Road Safety Group

  • Civil Defense/Neighborhood Support

  • Historic Society

  • Others

NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 29 May at 7.30pm.

Make a Grand Entrance

We are looking for expressions of interest in being part of a design group working on the new entranceway feature for our village when you enter the village from the new Puhoi to Walkworth Motorway. If you would be interested in working with NX2 and Hokai Nuku on the form and location of this feature please email me on before the end of the month.
Kind Regards
PCF Co-chair

Puhoi Community Forum Meeting Agenda: Tuesday 26 March at 7.30pm





  1. Confirmation of the Minutes of previous Meeting held on 27 February

  1. Matters Arising from those Minutes (not appearing on this Agenda)

  1. Treasurer’s Report for February 2018 (previously circulated) – Jenny Schollum

  1. Local Board 10 Year Budget – Forum Submission

Discussion to be held on the comments the Forum should make on behalf of the community.

  1. NX2 – Puhoi Entranceway Working Group

NX2 has requested a working group be formed to liaise with Hokai Nuku regarding the design of the new motorway entrance to Puhoi, all who are interested in being involved please attend.

  1. Wharf Slipway (Larry Mitchell)

Slipway to be built on Park side of river to assist with launching of kayaks.

  1. Maintenance of Loop Track in the Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park

  1. General Business

  1. Working Groups – updates

  • Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park

  • Road Safety Group

  • Civil Defence

  • Neighbourhood Support

  • Others

  1. Village market – Judith Williams

NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be held on Tuesday at 7.30pm.

Puhoi Comunity Forum Minutes: 27 FEB 2018


HELD AT PUHOI SPORTS CLUB ON 27 FEB 2018 commencing at 7.30pm


Paul Mason (Chair), Dustyn (co-chair), Sorrel (sec), Terri Ryder, Tessa Berger (Local Board), Jenny Schollum, Sandra Beagley, Luke Krieg


Heston Prosper-Smith, Judith Williams, Brian and Sheryl Titford


Paul Manton, as Chair, welcomed the attendees to the meeting.

1. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING held 30 January 2018

The minutes of the meeting held on 30 January had been previously circulated. The minutes were accepted as being a true and accurate record.

Matters arising from those minutes

Tessa Berger – 10 year budget proposes Targeted rates (extra rate tax) of $150 per dwelling or business per annum. This would be used for sealing of Krippner Rd, Ahuroa Rd, and is aimed at bringing everything forward e.g. Park and Ride in Warkworth, multi sport facility in Warkworth, Comments and visual evidence – 4,000 cars on Ahuroa rd after accident on main road, dust issue due to too much traffic. Traffic issues are impacting strongly on residents. Tessa recommended to keep the pressure on to have this road sealed as a priority. The 10 year budget is targeted through the online market – people Helensville and Warkworth will still have face to face drop in sessions, please go online and make a submission!

Forum to discuss its own submission at the next meeting (Tessa to clarify is sumbissions will still be open at the end of the month for this).

Motion 1

THAT the minutes of the meeting held on 31 October 2017 be confirmed as a true and accurate record.

Moved: Chair

Seconded: Terri Ryder


2. TREASURER’S REPORT for January 2018

All Council grant fund has now been used. Wendy is a signatory but has now retired, signatory to be assumed by secretary, S.Oleary. Thank you, Jenny Schollum, for the treasury report.

Motion 2

THAT accounts be paid.

Moved: Terri Ryder

Seconded: Sandra Beagley



  1. Memorial Gates and flagpole area

Re-siting of gates for PPFM – we have large totara posts and flagpole, Heston will dig holes and concrete them in before 26 March, gates will be re-hung following this.

  1. Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park

Battens are complete and gate in place at entry to Stage 2, Kevin will tidy up this week as necessary. New signage will be made for this new gate with name and rules of use (i.e. dogs on leads). Paul has offered to make signs up and install once designs are approved at an upcoming meeting. Still waiting for Kevin to do battens on the second stage.

Trail maintenance update – walkthrough required with mowing contractor UMS to have central trail and new walkway added to regular maintenance works. Dustyn to contact UMS and organize this. Paul and Dustyn have seen some evidence of workers doing weed control.

Pots from planting could be returned to Rodney or some other source of recycling.

Use the funds from Puhoi Landcare Group – contact Shelley to see if she can access funds – for next planting stage. Identification of planting area and timeline – two volunteer planting days – one in June/July one in September, Sorrel to publicize once organized and plants procured.

Opening day walk with cutting of ribbon was also mentioned.

  1. Freedom Camping Bylaw

6 months away from a bylaw by Auckland Council and will have active enforcement. is a downloadable app for anyone to lease their land for camping (on paying or nonpaying terms) to anyone they want. Currently there are rules saying there is no camping, but there is no penalty for non compliance. Clarify whether this covers tent camping as well as camper vans.

  1. Working Groups Updates

Traffic Safety Group

  • Ian Bateman sent in a comment about the SH1 slip lane and the difficulties in pulling out into southbound traffic. The slip lane is not being removed as Russell pointed out issues for fire trucks. Current measures have condensed traffic by slowing it, discussion of a concrete divider option.

  • NX2 meeting in March – Dustyn to attend and table this as an item.

  • Road safety group will re-visiting sidewalk bollards and parking signage as parking pressure on village space is becoming even more of an issue. E.g. 35 cars in front of store during weekdays, often angle parked – NX2 workers, visitors, locals, other tradies all contributing. Tessa proposes have a parking plan done, Ellen Barrett. Current plan is to block off parking on footpaths with low timber sleepers and improve signs indicating the parking over the bridge. Bus parking only signs discussed- push for 30 km shared space proposed by Paul. 5min parking for store only. Aim is to start with stopping parking on footpaths and redirecting to available parking in River Park.

  • Group also to look at completing Gillian’s walkway as soon as possible.

  • Luke from Bruce McGregor ( new to Puhoi and works for NZTA) is keen to join the Road Safety Group.

  • Terri met with Bernie, rescheduled to visit during bus time in the morning, to have a presence. New bus stop proposed at entrance of Rosa Villa Lane to help take futher pressure off the center of the village.

  • Civil defence – no one present

  • Neighbourhood support – no one present

  • Library – nothing to report

  • Historical Society – no one present

  • Farmers Market – 10th anniversary day was very successful, good numbers attending

  • Sports Club – new president, Brendan wanting to develop closer links/ better communication with Forum. A new committee, formal welcome from Forum.

Meeting closed at 8.50pm


The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 27 March 2018 at 7.30pm.


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