Are you Ethnic, Pacific or Senior?

Media release – 7 February 2014

Auckland Council is calling for applications for three advisory panels covering Ethnic Peoples, Pacific Peoples, and Seniors.

The panels are designed to provide the council with strategic “big picture” advice on issues important to diverse groups, helping the council to engage effectively with   communities.

“The panels alert the council to critical community concerns, allowing us to work across generations, ethnicities and cultures as part of creating the world’s most liveable city,” said Mayor Len Brown.

The council is seeking applicants who have good knowledge of their communities, and are across emerging trends, challenges and opportunities, and have   experience with governance and advisory roles.

Applicants also need a broad perspective on the future direction of Auckland as envisioned in the Auckland Plan, the council’s defining blueprint for managing growth and change in the city.

Shortlisted applicants will be notified and interviewed by a selection panel comprising council and community representatives.

Application forms are available online or from libraries and council service centres from 7 February 2014.  Applications close on 20 February, 2014.

Information on the role of advisory panels and the application process is available on or by calling 09 301 0101.

Ethnic Peoples and Pacific Peoples’ advisory panels were statutory bodies created under legislation for the first term of the new council.  They were disestablished one month before the 2013 local body election. The council has agreed to retain the concept of advisory panels and has introduced a new one for Seniors (people over 65 years). The council already has other advisory panels including the Youth Advisory Panel and Disability Strategic Advisory Panel.

For other council news, please go to the Council website.

In the meantime, if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing us at


Kind regards

Victoria Ly

Puhoi Rural Fire Brigade: Forum Report 26/11/2013

Puhoi Rural Fire Brigade

Report for Forum meeting 26/11/2013

Our turnouts are increasing inline with the fine weather.

76 calls for the year so far.

Of note is the increase in complaints from neighbours in regards to smoke nuisance from rubbish fires. It would be good if all parties showed more consideration and tolerance around this issue as we do live in the country. Large rubbish fires should be notified to stop false callouts- please ring me to advise if you are having a burn off- 021 655461.

The Restricted Fire Season will come into play as per normal on the 1 December. Only permitted fires will be allowed after that date. If the weather continues to be dry and hot then it wont be long and the area will be in a total fire ban. I will make sure this is notified via the various channels in Puhoi if that is the case.

Our new ute is still ‘ a couple of weeks away’- same as it was 6 weeks ago!

Watch this space!

Our station plans are progressing slowly and once we have an agreed concept design I will be able to share this with the community. We are finding that there is very little input into the design as planning restrictions, resource consent requirements and other such things as the Puhoi Structure Plan are coming into play to denote the construct and design so to speak- now this is a good thing but it does take away the communitys ability to have input into this side of it. I was hoping to have this by this meeting but it isn’t ready yet- ‘another couple of weeks’ apparently- sounds familiar!

The project looks like to be circa $700,000- so we have a few more bbqs to go yet!

We have 4 locals interested in joining the Brigade. This is fantastic and we look forward to them becoming part of the crew. If anyone else- male or female- 16 years and older would like to join please contact myself or Rob Beardmore 021891996 to have a chat.

New recruits are always welcome as they bring new skills and energy to the Brigade.

We had a theory training session with Westpac Helicopter crew last week and was great to be able to clarify a few things with them. Their night vision goggles allows them to see the flame from a cigarette lighter from over 2 kilometres away! They were so cool to put on and look through- an excellent xmas present for the bloke with all the toys already I reckon- trouble is $10,000 US probably means they wont be in my stocking!

So please keep yourself safe.

Don’t hesitate to call 111 if you need us- best to call us first and then try to put your fire out than the other way around!!

Thanks to the community for its support.

Chief Fire Officer Russell Green 021 655461

Puhoi Rural Fire Brigade

Less Speed, More Haste

The Puhoi Community Forum has discussed a number of times over the years the problem with speeding traffic in and approaching the village centre. Discussion has centred on extending the 50 limit to the turn off from the state highway to as far as Bruce McGregor Drive or even the cemetery, speed bumps, more police presence, installing some form of chicane and/or a pedestrian crossing. Before we make a further approach to the police, Transit New Zealand or Auckland Council we want to be able to provide specific examples or speeding or erratic driving in the area. To this end Derek Hay, phone 422 0706 has agreed to collate information of any incidents over the next 2-3 months to see how extensive the problem is. Therefore, if you see anybody speeding or driving erratically please advise Derek with the following information, if possible – date, time and place of the incident, vehicle registration number, make and model of vehicle if known, assessed speed or other problem, any other relevant information.
“It would seem that some of our new neighbours are not aware that J Turnwald Road and Lenzen Road are side roads off Tunnel Road, and they neither look nor slow down as they turn into Tunnel Road in their cars,” observes one of our residents from up that way.

Minutes for Puhoi Community Forum: January 2014


PO Box 404199 PUHOI


Tuesday 28 January 2014

CHAIRMAN – Hans Everts

PRESENT: M Hayton, G Driver, M Bellham, S Buckley, P Manton, G Sayers (RLB), J Williams, P Cooley, B Cooley, H Darnell, R Green, B Houlbrooke (RLB), T Koops, P Straka, D Hay, H Everts (Chair), G Sorensen

APOLOGIES: S Hackett, B Titford

MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Presented and accepted. Moved S Tisdall 2nd: P Straka



T Koops presented the work that has been done to date in order to promote the PCF.

Family violence Invitation – circulated

S Hackett – circulated, please disregard the latter part of the letter as it was included in error.

Adrian Anderson on promoting Puhoi; to be addressed at the Forum meeting in February.


Letter to Russell Green regarding the installation of memorial seats in the Park

TREASURERS REPORT: Presented and accepted Moved: D Hay, 2nd: T Koops

H Everts spoke to the financial position of the Forum, reiterating that the honorarium will no longer apply to the secretary’s role. A $5 subscription was proposed for membership of PCF for the remainder of the year. H Everts spoke to the group re the function of the PCF, its makeup and relationship to the broader community. P Manton further outlined to the meeting/newcomers the structure and purpose of the Forum.


  1. Local Board: Both Beth Houlbrooke and Greg Sayers attended tonight’s meeting. Beth reported on: 1. Community consultation on the Atlas site. There is an Expo this Saturday at Mahurangi College Hall. 2. March 2 Expo at the Warkworth show grounds – vision for the future, the bigger picture. 3. There are a number of surveys on line at present, please support these. 4. There is a slip in the Park at present which is being attended to. 5. The footbridge and footpath are in the detailed design phase at present. 6. Draft Annual Plan has been presented – refer to Website for more detail. H. Darnell, library representative, says there is a copy available in the Puhoi Library for perusal.

  2. Puhoi Memorial Park: refer toemails as circulated. 1. Grazing Lease is being looked at at present. P Manton, P Straka, H Everts to follow up possible lessees. Currently water, yards, and sub-paddocks are all issues to be considered, together with gates and access. 2. H Everts spoke to PCF re the recently stolen timber. This timber has been replaced and the matter is now closed. Locks are to be replaced in the Park. 3. Weeds – Council has a certain responsibility for the maintenance and Bio security is currently looking at this issue. 4. Memorial seats- letter on file re their installation. T Koops developed the plan, R Green to oversee the installation, P Manton will also be involved in this project. 5. Mowing of track. This has not been done for some considerable time. The slip purportedly prevented the mower to complete this work. Under consideration.

  3. Park Advisory Committee: The AGM for this group was planned for 11/2/2014. Changes are at present being made by Auckland Council to the structure of this body. B Houlbrook to follow up. M Bellham asked about the new national walkway, specifically the notice at the top of the loop track; P Manton replied.

  4. Motorway: H Darnell addressed the community’s current involvement in addressing the Puhoi access ramps for the new motorway.

  5. Puhoi Business: S Tisdall noted that the AGM of Matakana Coast and Country is to be held on Monday 2/2/2014. J Williams spoke to the need for Puhoi businesses to be represented.

  6. Centennial Hall : No report

  7. Sports Club: Soccer tournament 7-14 February. Muster for soccer and netball.

  8. Rural Fire Force: R Green reinforced the need for permits for fires. January was quiet. There are 10 volunteers at present, and they are always looking for more. The new Ute has now arrived. The plans for the new station will be available at the Farmers Market in February. They hope to be in the new premises at the end of 2014.

  9. Library: H Darnell outlined plans for Waitangi Day, Valentine’s Day and Anzac Day displays in the library. The library is now able to draw on their own excellent resources to enable these displays.

  10. Church & Cemetery: P Straka noted that both are open for business

  11. Farmers Market: refer to circulated email from J Williams. She reported that there are a number of initiatives for the 6th birthday celebrations 23rd February 2014. Please support local.

  12. Auckland Council Unitary Plan: refer to General Business below

  13. Landcare: refer S Hackett circulated email. H Evertsreinforced the need for Landcare to be active in and supported by the local community.

  14. Historical Society: S Tisdall reported thatN Golding had worked diligently over the holidays for this organisation. Adrian Anderson’s letter addressed aspects of the plans for the new building. The Treaty of Waitangi has now to be considered in relation to land issues. S. Tisdall will keep us informed as to progress. Ongoing.

  15. 150th committee report: no report

  16. PCF promotion: T Koops presented a number of initiatives to promote the Forum. This is ongoing and will be presented at further PCF meetings.


1. Auckland Unitary Plan and Puhoi.

H Everts presented this report. The Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan continues to incorporate the core features of our original Puhoi Structure Plan, and thus continues to be supported by the Forum. However, several specific matters need attention, including the need for the zone designation for the sports fields to be changed to Public Open Space – Sports and Recreation; for both the original convent and convent school to be included in the list of places of significant historical heritage value; for reference to Puhoi to be made in the list of precincts in the North area of Auckland; and for the property owners involved (especially of the Hotel and the General Store) to take responsibility for deciding whether they wish to be included in the newly defined Neighbourhood Centre area. There was discussion on our confusion regarding the designation of Puhoi under three different zones – the generic Rural and Coastal Settlement zone, the newly-defined Sub-Precinct A, and the newly-defined Neighbourhood Centre. It is the distinction between the first two of these that is most confusing. G Sayers spoke to the “precinct plan” concept. H Everts and J Simons are to arrange a meeting with Unitary Plan consultants as soon as possible, and report back to the Forum for further discussion at the next meeting.


NEXT MEETING: 25 February 2014


Approved by:



Minutes for Puhoi Community Forum: February 2014


PO Box 404199 PUHOI


Tuesday 25 February 2014



PRESENT: M Hayton, G Driver, K Warren, H Everts, P Straka (chair) B Titford, B Houlbrooke, T Koops, M Bellham, S Buckley, J Williams, L Mitchell, J Simons, S Tisdall, G Sorensen


APOLOGIES: R Green, D Hay, P Cooley, B Cooley, P Manton M: H Everts 2nd: J Williams



J. Simons requested an amendment:

Amendment: It was requested that the last paragraph be amended to read:

“There was discussion regarding the designation of Puhoi under three different zones- the Generic Rural and Coastal Settlement Zone, the newly-defined Sub-Precinct A and the newly-defined Neighbourhood Centre. G Sayers spoke to the “Precinct Plan Concept.”

M: H Everts 2nd: S Tisdall




Revised Unitary Plan feedback H Everts (circulated)

Paul Cliffe – weed control in the Memorial park

“What do you want from the Forum” suggestions- refer to GB



H Everts to P Cliffe re Memorial Park Weed control

What do you want from the Forum in 2014? (Circulated)


TREASURERS REPORT: tabled M: G Sorensen 2nd: L Mitchell



Local Board: Submissions close this Friday. Local Board “Rodney in the Spotlight” Expo at Mahurangi College Warkworth this Saturday. 10 am – 4pm. Auckland Transport (AT) meeting presented and discussed the designs for the footbridge. $90,000 will not cover costs, but a further allocation will be made.

Puhoi Memorial Park: Grazing sub-licence under review nearly completed. J Williams proposed thanks to P Straka and H Everts for their efforts. H Everts presented Ecological Management Plan prepared by Boffa Miskell Ltd re the park. (Circulated). Bio security has visited the area and 90 hours has been allocated to work with Landcare and the Forum. Landcare to prepare an action plan for work to be completed in the Park.

Park Advisory Committee: There is an Auckland-wide review as to how the parks and reserves are managed to bring all areas into line with each other. Park Advisory Board AGM will not be necessary, but the Sub-licence Agreement needs to go to B Houlbrooke for her attention. L Mitchell questioned whether there could be a closer relationship between PCF and the reconstituted Advisory Board. B Houlbrooke left the meeting at 8.35pm giving her apologies for next month’s meeting.

Motorway: J Simons presented a report re the motorway access and the impact of the residential expansion planned for Warkworth, and its possible effect on a Puhoi on/off ramp. H Everts stated that any plan would be open for public comment.


Revised Unitary Plan Feedback


The email circulated 11 February 2014 by H Everts was discussed at this point in the meeting to enable B Houlbrooke to attend prior to an early departure. Planners need to be conscientious and careful to recognise the special character of Puhoi. Submissions are to be presented at the end of the month. S Tisdall spoke to the Sub-Precinct A concept.


There was general support for the following three proposals.


1. Heritage protection. Proposal: Both the former Convent School and the Convent should be included in the list of places of significant historical heritage value.

M: J Williams 2nd: H Everts


2. Neighbourhood Centre and Sub-precinct A: Proposal: It is up to property owners directly affected (especially the hotel and general store) to decide about the nature and worth of the newly-defined Neighbourhood Centre.

M: S Tisdall 2nd: T Koops


3. Zones. Proposal: The zone designation of the sports fields under Public Open Spaces – Conservation should be changed to Public Open Space – Sports and Recreation.

M: H Everts 2nd S Tisdall


4. Puhoi Precinct. Proposal: We strongly submit that the proposed Puhoi Precinct be abolished as confusing, divisive, and redundant. It adds nothing necessary or new. The two new zones outlined above, and the two-fold set of associated rules meet the aspirations of the community as expressed over many years and articulated in the Puhoi Structure Plan. M: H Everts 2nd: J Williams

Puhoi Business: Report presented and filed.

Centennial Hall: no report

Sports Club: no report

Rural Fire Force: Plans are with planners at present and progressing. It is hoped that a report will be available shortly. The PRFF will be available to complete the project of the seats in the Memorial Park.

Library: no report

Church & Cemetery: Three funerals in one day.

Farmers Market: Circulated by email. Very successful birthday celebrations Report filed.

Auckland Council Unitary Plan: Refer to General Business

Landcare: no report but see above under memorial Park

Historical Society: report presented and filed. K Warren, whose property would be next door to the proposed building, was advised that the land has not yet been secured and that any development would be with full consultation. J Simons asked about the Maori Development involvement in the future development of our area. S Tisdall spoke to his enquiry.

150th committee report: no report


GENERAL BUSINESS: “What do you want from the Forum”


D Hay proposed:

Meetings begin promptly at 7.30pm, ending at 9pm whenever possible.

Group Reports kept to a 2-3 minute limit where possible.

G Sorensen asked

That longer reports be submitted one week prior to the meeting in order that they could be included in the agenda. J Williams spoke to this proposal, stating that this would not always be practical.

S Tisdall proposed

That for safety reasons there should be a footpath to the Shrine. A Walkway/extension to the one in the park out to SH1.

Arrows on the road leading from the Cheese Factory to Ahuroa road to “remind” tourists. All these suggestions are to be included in a Forum review of infrastructure matters to be forwarded to Auckland Transport (AT) later this year.

M Bellham recommended a walkway/footpath from the Cheese Factory to the village, very dangerous for walkers at present. J Simons mentioned that T Sampson and A Dunn had completed a feasibility study on this proposal a number of years ago.

G Sorensen to follow up.

H Everts proposed the following:

Apply for community funding from Auckland Council

Continue to develop the Park (In progress)

Develop a brochure about the Forum and its member organisations (T Koops- in progress) with distribution of the brochure to locals, especially newcomers.

Invite people and organisations that cluster around similar themes to present ideas and issues at a meeting, e.g. youth, ecological issues, promoting Puhoi

Continue to push for infrastructure development


Northern Action Group

L Mitchell gave a brief update on the NAG and referred people to the website

Refer to latest edition of Mahurangi Matters.

There was a Local Government Commission meeting two weeks ago.

Araparera – there has been no accountability to the ratepayers from the Trust, re funding allocated to Rodney roading.

11th March 2014 public meeting to highlight the roading issues.


p) T Koops presented his report on the promotion of the Forum. Circulated. Submission to T Koops via email please for inclusion in the “welcome pack” which contains a PCF membership form. M Bellham suggested that we have a stall at the Farmers Market or similar event, to promote PCF.





NEXT MEETING: 25th March 2014



Approved by:


Minutes for Puhoi Community Forum: August 2013


27th AUGUST 2013


PRESENT: C Hallett, P Manton, J Williams, M Townson, B Townson, D Brown, L Mitchell, T Koops, J Simons, A Cranna-Powell, S Titford, B Titford, P Endemann, J Turner, P Straka, S Tisdall, D Hay, R Nahi, G Sorensen


APOLOGIES: R Green, L Anderson, S Hackett, H Everts Moved: D Hay 2nd: J Williams


MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Minutes of previous meeting Moved: P Manton 2nd T Koops




CORRESPONDENCE IN: “Power of Communities” workshop with J Diers. Put on the website by Mike. D Hay attended this workshop and found it worthwhile. He thought that “enthusiasm is the key to a thriving community” was the message from this workshop.

B Townson accepted the invitation to speak at the Forum meeting.



1. Invitation to Bill Townson of Northern Action Group (NAG) to address the Forum.

2. Email to Bill Scroggins suggesting that he contact local landowners re his election billboards.

3. Email to the following people/groups involved with the 150th celebrations expressing thanks and appreciation for work and effort:


Brendan Schollum

Sue Tisdall

Gillian Seymour

Jenny Neel

Bernadette Straka

Ruth Cunliffe

Phillippa Beagley

Bohemian Association of Puhoi/Ohaupo Descendants

Jenny Schollum


TREASURERS REPORT:Payment of $120.00 for secretarial services M: J Williams 2nd: D Hay


Invited Speaker Bill Townson from Northern Action Group (NAG @ presented the group’s plan to form a North Rodney Unitary Council to the Puhoi Community Forum. L Mitchell added the financial details. Polling, for or against the proposal (which is fully described on the website) can be done online or by filling out a voting form at the Puhoi Store or Puhoi Pub.

L Mitchell (094220598) is happy to discuss all aspects of the plan and its likely effect upon Puhoi locals.

J Simons asked what would be the NAG share of the debt currently payable by Auckland Council. J Williams queried the level of enthusiasm within Puhoi for joining with NAG. D Brown spoke to the proposal.


P Straka thanked B Townson and L Mitchell for taking time to speak to the Forum meeting.



  1. Local Board: J Turner stated the footpath and bridge is still under consideration. Yards are not yet built, which means that any cattle cannot be moved at present. It is important to refer all correspondence to Melissa Jack. There being one more meeting for this term of office Mrs Turner expressed how much she had enjoyed her involvement with the Forum and hoped to do so in the future. P Straka thanked Mrs Turner for all her work to date. J Turner thanked the Titfords for their commitment to the community.
  2. Memorial Park: Stockyards not built as yet so not possible to move stock at present.
  3. Motorway access: J Simons spoke to the proposed ramps/toll question
  4. Puhoi Business Group: website has been updated and the launch will happen shortly
  5. Hall Committee: no report
  6. Sports Club: field closed as it is not useable at present due to water issues
  7. Rural Fire Force: D Hay presented comprehensive report (on file).
  8. 150th Committee: Meeting to wind up on 29th August 2013 and settle all relevant matters.
  9. Library: No report
  10. Church: No report
  11. Farmers Market: very quiet
  12. Puhoi Structure Plan: No report
  13. Landcare: final planting day 1 September 10 AM
  14. Advisory Committee: Covered in (a) above. Lease agreement is under discussion.
  15. Historical Society: S Tisdall has attended workshops with Te Papa for ongoing knowledge, also attending Regional Museum meeting etc and the Northern Museums. Waiting to hear from the advisory board or council re the site for a new museum. 29th September meeting to wind up the 150th organisation. Cake stalls, raffles, dancing etc to fundraise for our new building. There will also be a large raffle announced shortly to fundraise for the new building. 27th October an Art and Craft Market in the hall with a high tea, again fundraising for the building. Phone Sue 4220183 or for more information.



A Cranna-Powell gave a brief summary of the challenges involved with the SEA’s as outlined in the proposed Unitary Plan. There is a review process in place.

P Manton spoke to the lack of hitching rails for those riding horses into the village. He is happy to install posts in the river park stock yards for those wishing to “park” their horses. Roads are very busy at present and he queried the possibility of erecting signs advising horses/stock movement on Ahuroa and Krippner Roads. Contact within the Council is Auckland Transport. J Turner to forward any emails to those responsible for signage.

D Hay to collate traffic incident information, i.e. number plates, dates, at



NEXT MEETING: 24th September 2013

CHAIRMAN: Hans Everts


Puhoi Rural Fire Brigade Report: August 1013

Puhoi Fire Brigade Report for the Forum Meeting.
The current workload is light, which seems to be consistent with most of the other rural brigades under the Auckland Council Rural Fire Authority. As with other years specialist training is in full swing during winter and is happening most weekends- 2 more crew have now done USAR (urban search and rescue) training to ‘Orange Card’ status- the highest a rural fire fighter can obtain- we now have 7 crew at that level. We certainly had a wary eye on the earthquakes in Wellington the other day!
We have been called out to land the Westpac helicopter a couple of times lately and it certainly is an impressive machine and its ability to save lives by getting patients to hospital in the quickest possible time is with out question. Any donations made to Westpac is very worthwhile.
We have also done some flooding calls and I have dealt with ‘smoke nuisance’ calls too- yes it is an open season for fires but the smoke from your fire is not allowed to become a nuisance to your neighbours- please have some consideration in regards to this.
Currently we have a crew of 11 and as always we would welcome any person, male or female,16 years and older to come along and  join- the main criteria is a pulse and a heartbeat and the ability to be able to respond to the station, at normal road speed and within the road rules, in around 5 minutes or less.
The Fire Station project continues with our Expressions of Interest to build a Fire Station generating 7 enquiries from various builders. Currently the Fire Station Committee is dealing with 4 of those builders in regards to design,etc. As it’s a moving target at this stage we haven’t got a fixed or finalized design to share with the community yet-but once we do settle on something then we will introduce it to the community for feedback. Clearly the Resource Consent and the Building Code dictate the majority of the design criteria. We hope to be building late this year or early next year.
We now have access to the property and the house at 52 Ahuroa Road so you will start to see some activity there.
The Council has asked that we advertise the house for removal, as well as the tin shed and so if anyone is interested in either one or both of them then please contact me. The water tank is for sale too.
And thanks heaps to Ross Tohlopf for mowing the section for us as we start to tidy it up.
Apparently there was some discussion at the last forum meeting re the ability for the Brigade to be fully functional without a water tanker at our station.
A tanker is a bonus but not a prerequisite to a fire brigade. As explained at an earlier forum meeting there were several reasons the tanker was not repaired and therefore removed from the station- age of tanker, repair costs, and strategic location to name a couple. Auckland Rural Fire consider Puhoi as not requiring one at this point in time and they make the rules and have the cheque book!!
Most brigade’s DON’T have tankers, Ahuroa, Kaukapakapa, Muriwai, Waitakere, Karekare to name a few fellow rural brigades. Warkworth, Wellsford, Helensville, to name a few NZ Fire Service Brigades. Our nearest tanker is Silverdale and then Matakana.
Our fire appliance carries 1300 litres of water and as we are always backed up by Silverdale or Warkworth then obviously their respective appliances carry water too. Any significant fire then a tanker would be responded in the first instance anyway. Every house in Puhoi has a water tank as well that we can access if need be.
So as much as we would have liked to keep our tanker, the decision wasn’t ours to make in the end ( Auckland Council fund us and all our vehicles) and we will adapt as need be to ensure we can continue to protect the community the best we can.
Further to the above,our existing Medical ute is about to be replaced with a much more modern ute that is equipped with a ‘Fire Fogger’ unit on the back so it has fire fighting capabilities as well as doubling for first response/medical purposes. This ‘Fire Fogger’ unit is the FIRST one in NZ and Puhoi is to get it so we are pretty excited about that- the new technology will allow us to put out fires with the minimum amount of water and the test video’s certainly look impressive in regards to that. We hope to get this by late October, so if anyone wants to buy our old 4wd,Mazda Bounty ute, one careful owner then let me know.( sorry lights and sirens will be removed!)
So until next time, stay safe and thank you for your support.
If you require the brigade then always ring 111 and ask for fire.
CFO Russell Green
021 655461

The Power of Communities – a free workshop with Jim Diers: 22 August in Wellsford

On behalf of Rodney Local Board, you are invited to attend a free, interactive workshop with Jim Diers, an international presenter who has worked extensively with rural communities on community development.

Click Here for a flyer showing all the details     Please pass this on to the networks that would be interested and RSVP to by Friday 16 August if you want to attend.

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