A Message From NZ Police

Residents of Puhoi , you live in a small community and all of you are known by each other,  your words and actions rebound around the community that I was once part off and still fondly remember.

I have quietly spoken in the past to a number of you over road safety matters .

It is with regret that a number of residents and workers in and around the village are increasing the risk posed to us all around the village with the speed passed the village store.

The MAXIMUM speed through the village is 50kmh, however when there is a school bus this is reduced to 20KMH around the bus. This is for safety reasons and the welfare of both parents and children at these busy times of the day.

You are also a reflection of this great nation to the many thousands of overseas visitors that make the village a destination from all over the world, your actions are watched by many and by the children you raise.

Your actions are a reflection of yourself in the community and a less than desirable reputation in a small village can last a long time.

With the speeds obtained recently and from observations by Police and locals a tragedy is in the making.

A community is just that and only survives due to the common purpose and values exhibited by all.


Road user behaviour in and around the village is everyone’s responsibility , New Zealand Police value your assistance in this matter and will be readily assisting in the reduction of risk.

Constable Heath TURNER
Section 1 Auckland Motorways | Waitemata District  | New Zealand Police
P   +64 9 481 0322  Extn:  94982       |   M   +64  021 192 0352      |   E  htz671@police.govt.nz
Auckland Harbour Bridge Complex, 28 Sulphur Beach Road, Northcote Point, Private Bag 92-002, Auckland, www.police.govt.nz

” A safe road system increasingly free of death and serious injury”

Watch Out, Thieving Buggers About…

Once again we seem to have some undesirables in the area in what looks like an orchestrated attack.

Last night Paul Manton’s place on the hill just before J tolhopf Rd ,container and out sheds were robbed. The gate chain and container locks were cut as well as a main entrance dead bolt door smashed. It happened between 7.pm Tues and 7am wed( Tues night) They used a vehicle “ ute or surf type” with large mud tyres and possibly had a trailer . They have taken a lot of personal stuff which they will possibly throw away as it will have no value to them as well as tools and valuable possessions etc . They backed down the side of the house and parked by the container as well as out by the road .  If any one saw any vehicles looking suspicious or looked like they were moving house or loads of stuff ,  around Ahuroa rd through these times  please contact me . They may of headed either to Puhoi or Ahuroa couldn’t tell.

Someone let our pet Ram out of his pen the day before and the steely boys may of given him the bash as he was covered in mud as if rolled around , I only hope Leroy broke their knee first.  Leroy’s ok and back in Pen with treats.

If anyone has any information that might help the police track down these people please pass it on. The sooner they are put away the better. We always look out for each other in Puhoi.

Police urge caution after card-skimming in Albany


North Shore Police are currently investigating a series of ATM card skimming incidents in the Albany area, and are reminding people to be vigilant.

Police are aware of at least 5 cases in the past fortnight where the victims had all used a standalone ATM in the Albany Village, which was outside a dairy.

Inspection of the ATM revealed a glue-like substance around the card reader and Police believe the offenders are using a very realistic-looking device over the card-reading slot, to capture information on the card’s magnetic strip.

“The victims in these cases didn’t notice anything unusual when they went to use the ATM and it was even fitted with the green ‘anti-skimming’ guard.

The victims have only become aware that their card has been skimmed when they’ve realised later that money had been removed from their accounts” says Sergeant Tony Bruce, North Shore Police.

Police believe there may be more victims who haven’t yet realised their card has been skimmed, and as enquiries continue, are urging people to be vigilant.

How to reduce the risk of being skimmed;

·         Familiarise yourself with the look & feel of the ATM – If something looks out of place do not use it.

·         Before use, take time to inspect the ATM for any unusual or non-standard fixtures.

·         If there anything unusual around the card reader or in the area above the screen – do not use it and report it to Police or the              bank immediately.

·         Report any suspicious behaviour around ATM machines immediately to Police.

·         Always use your hand to shield your PIN when entering it.


Beth Bates/Waitemata Police 

You can also view this release, including any additional images, online at: http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/police-urge-caution-after-card-skimming-albany

New Zealand Police
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Cyber Safety Social Media Safety Information Night – Wellsford

Senior Constable Sharon Glen

Youth Aid Officer/Community Constable: | Wellsford | New Zealand Police

Sharon is holding Cyber Safety and Social Media Safety Information evening on Wed 28 Oct at the Wellsford School Hall at 7pm. Geared towards kids 10 + and their parents/caregivers or anyone that may be interested.

This is being forwarded,

By Margaret Faed,

Rodney Neighbourhood Support.





Keep your properties safe from thieves this summer

As we head into summer Northland Police are reminding people to keep their properties and equipment safe from thieves.

Far North Area Commander Inspector Wendy Robilliard says the cannabis growing season will soon be upon us and criminals involved in growing the drugs often target quad bikes, chain saws, lawn mowers, tools and petrol cans, or any items that can be carried.

Ms Robilliard says thieves have also stolen outboard motors and boating equipment such as rods and reels, petrol cans and fishing gear from boats when they are parked on properties and even when they are moored at sea.

“Make sure you lock your sheds and garages.

Last summer there were a number of burglaries in rural areas where items were stolen from unlocked sheds and garages and boats.”

“Another problem is people leaving their cars unlocked on driveways, sometimes with valuables in view.

Thieves will canvas every property until they see an opportunity.

They are also very quick, so don’t make it easy for them.”

As well as locking houses, sheds, garages, and cars Ms Robilliard suggests people think about installing alarms and CCTV and having dogs on the property to warn off potential thieves.

The SNAP website (www.snap.org.nz) is a good way to record all your possessions.

Operation SNAP (Serial Number Action Partnership) is an initiative of the New Zealand Police, aiming to prevent New Zealand burglary and property offending, and make it harder for criminals to sell stolen goods in New Zealand.

The initiative helps to protect property in a number of ways.

The SNAP website (http://www.snap.org.nz) allows you to enter and maintain details of all of your important possessions or assets.

You can then access this asset list from anywhere, anytime.

If your items are stolen, you can instantly retrieve your asset list details, and forward these on to the Police and your insurance company.

For media inquiries contact Northland Police Communications Manager Sarah Kennett on 09 945 4650 or 021 192 1099

You can also view this release, including any additional images, online at: http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/keep-your-properties-safe-thieves-summer

New Zealand Police
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Get Your Stolen Stuff Back

Police investigating the discovery of thousands of dollars worth of stolen property at a Dairy Flat address are making steady progress in identifying who the goods belong to.

Around sixty percent of the items have been identified and traced back to their owners, including all of the motorbikes/trail bikes and quad bikes and the  majority of the kitchen appliances, which were stolen from homes under construction in the Rodney area.

Police have received numerous phone calls from across the country from people who have had things stolen.

Police now believe that the goods are most likely to have been stolen over the past 18 months predominantly from the Rodney and Albany area.

A contact phone number and email address has been established for the Operation, which has been called Operation Tank.

Members of the public can call 09 424 6509 or email optank@police.govt.nz

The owners of several  trailers, a concrete mixer and a large number of power tools still need to be identified, as well as a diesel tanker on a trailer.

“We’ve reunited a number of people with their belongings and doing this has been a really enjoyable part of our job.

It’s so upsetting to have anything stolen so being able to give the items back to good honest owners has been awesome” says Snr Sgt Andy King, Rodney Police.

The Operation Tank number is now up and running.

“Anyone who calls us is asked to have the details of serial numbers or distinctive markings ready to provide us when they ring.

We expect to receive a flood of calls but we must warn people that it’s a very hard task to be able to reunite people with their property without serial numbers, photos or distinctive markings.

For example we’ve got a number of nailguns, and without any identifying factors it will be very hard to prove which nailgun belongs to who” says Snr Sgt King.

The investigation into who is responsible for stealing the items is ongoing and Police are following positive lines of enquiry.

Beth Bates/Waitemata Police 

You can also view this release, including any additional images, online at: http://www.police.govt.nz/news/release/contact-number-and-email-launched-relation-stolen-property-recovered-dairy-flat

New Zealand Police