ANZAC Day Help Needed

Could anyone interested in helping to co-ordinate the ANZAC Day commemoration on 25th April 9.00 a.m. please contact me so that we can arrange a time to meet that suits? Please remember to pass on to your young neighbours that PHS has an ANZAC Day speech competition running for Year 8 and under students, no more than 250 words, prize $50 plus the opportunity to read their speech at the ANZAC Day ceremony. Entries close at or PO Box 404224 Puhoi on Sunday 17th April.

Puhoi Historical Society Report March 2016


We’ve run two very successful events this month – on the 6th March the commemoration of the 150 years since the arrival of the second ship, the ‘Liverpool’, to bring Bohemian settlers to NZ, a reunion of the Plescher, Schischka, Wech and Wenzlick families; and this Easter weekend hosting seven visitors from Germany and Austria whose ancestors spoke the same dialect, danced the same dances and sang the same songs as the Puhoi settlers. On Saturday we showed them most of Puhoi’s attractions, then on Sunday a Puhoi community choir of children and adults sang in this dialect at Mass and we danced the rest of the day away.

Anyone is always welcome to attend these events and we would very much appreciate help from the community in running events like these, with jobs such supervising parking, traffic management, setting up the hall, helping in the kitchen and cleaning up.

The next event will be ANZAC Day if the community would like the PHS to co-ordinate this commemoration again.

Sandra Beagley helped magnificently at the first event. I’d like to present her with a thankyou certificate.

The PHS received a reply from Auckland Council regarding the petition re Puhoi Cemetery Management presented last July. As we don’t feel their reply adequately protects the historic part of the cemetery we have written again. A copy has been sent to the Forum for their records.

The committee supports Larry Mitchell’s endeavour to establish an historic area in Puhoi in so far as we are open to any avenue to getting a museum building with correct climate conditions for storage, and presentation to the public, of artefacts and documents relating to Puhoi’s history.

To that end fundraising continues steadily. The raffle is on sale til 1st May.

Programme for Sunday, March 6, reunion of ship Liverpool’s Bohemian descendant

Programme for Sunday, March 6, reunion of ship Liverpool’s Bohemian descendants
Mass: 8.30am
Landing stone commemoration: c 9.30
Hall: morning tea
        roll call of ship Liverpool pioneer descendants and photo opportunities
        shared lunch – please bring a plate
        Bohemian folk dancing, 1pm
        Bohemian Association of New Zealand (Puhoi and Ohaupo) AGM 2pm
        Cup of tea and home time.
Ongoing throughout the day: displays, raffles, book and memorabilia sales, museum visiting

You May Be On The List!

Please register your interest in attending the reunion of Puhoi descendants especially Plescher, Schischka, Wech and Wenzlick families who came on the “Liverpool” arriving Auckland, 6th March 1866 – 150 years ago (see Passenger List below). These families intermarried with almost all of the other families so all are welcome.

$5 per person covers admin costs and family descendant badge.

When: Sunday 6th March 2016 8.30 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

Where: Puhoi Centennial Hall

To: email:

Phone: 09 4220852 – leave a message

Post: Box 404224, Puhoi 0951

Liverpool’ passengers Children
John and Anna (nee PLESCHER) WENZLICK Vincent WENZLICK married Maria Schedewy
John WENZLICK married Mary Hendl
Born in NZ
Martin WENZLICK married Margaret HENDL
Michael WENZLICK married Dora SCHOLLUM
Anna WENZLICK married Christian PAUL
Margaret WENZLICK married Joseph SCHISCHKA
Joseph WENZLICK married Sarah DENNIS
Mary WENZLICK married William SCHOLLUM
Gregor WENZLICK and Maria SCHOTT Johannes Gregory WENZLICK
married in NZ Maria married 1. Beniamino CASEROTTI (MORRIS) 2. Charles CAMPBELL
Frederick married Anna SCHISCHKA
Anna married Harry DANSEY
Gregor married Emma BATTEN
Dorothea married Joseph DALY
George WENZLICK (killed WW I)
Henry married Elinor WATT
Albert married Anna RUSSEK
Mary WENZLICK married Martin RAUNER Elizabeth RAUNER married Frederick HYDE
Anna RAUNER married William SAMWAYS
Mary RAUNER married Jack HILLSTEN
Charles RAUNER
Lily RAUNER married Daniel SULLIVAN
Anna WENZLICK married Wenzl BAYER Margaret BAYER
John BAYER married Elizabeth RAUNER
Anna BAYER married 1, Thomas BECHER 2. Wenzl WECH
Wenzl BAYER married Maria RUSSEK
Joseph BAYER
Mary BAYER married Walter AUSTIN
Adalbert BAYER married Annie ANDERSON
Barbara BAYER married Joseph BECHER
Joseph and Dorothea (nee SCHOTT) WECH Magdalena WECH married Henry MASON
John WECH married Anna KROHN
Born in NZ
Joseph WECH married Katherine BAYER
Wenzl WECH married Anna BAYER
Anna WECH married Walter JOYCE
Theresia WECH married Francis PLESCHER
Mary WECH married Edward BRUNTON
Katherine WECH married Joseph BAYER
Francis WECH
Dorothea WECH married Peter BAYER
John and Anna (nee SCHOTT) WECH Rosalia WECH married Vincent PLESCHER
Maria WECH married George DENNIS
John WECH married Mary BECHER
Joseph WECH
Maria WECH married George DENNIS
Mathew WECH married Anna HENDL
Born in NZ
Paul WECH married Anna FITZTHUM
Anna WECH married Henry POYNER
Margaret WECH married Frederick JAMIESON
Vincent PLESCHER and Rosalia WECH Rosalia PLESCHER married John STRAKA
narried in NZ Francis PLESCHER married Theresia WECH
John PLESCHER married Lilian O’KEEFE
Anna PLESCHER married Vincent CASSIN
Vincent PLESCHER and twin both died at a few days
Maria PLESCHER married David ROIGARD
Margaret PLESCHER married 1. Christpher NOLAN 2. Augustus SCHMIDT
Lorenz and Rosalia (nee SCHINDLER) SCHISCHKA Vincent SCHISHCKA married Maria GRUBER
John SCHISCHKA married Elizabeth BURNS
Christian SCHISCHKA married Margaret SCHISCHKA
Theresa SCHISCHKA married James MASSON
Joseph SCHISCHKA married Margaret WENZLICK
Born in NZ
Edward SCHISCHKA married Anna REMIGER
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