Free Hot Compost ‘hands on’ Session

Build a Hot Compost from start to finish with experienced tutors

Puhoi – Tuesday June 6th

1pm – 4pm

This is a FREE event

please register by contacting Pip on 0217 22266 or for address and other details


This course is run by the Compost Collective and supported by Auckland Council

For Sale; Pick and Mix Black Sheep Flock For Lifestyle Block

( preferably as weed-eaters rather than for the pot)
One ram, three to four years old, keen to mate
Two ram lambs, November-born, already interested
Two ewe lambs, November-born, keen to graze and grow without being
bothered by the boys
Two young ewes,circa two years old, possibly, but not guaranteed,
already in lamb (ewes are allowed their secrets, too)
All sheep shorn and drenched
$70 per animal
Other possible combinations on enquiry to Judith Williams, Ahuroa Road, Puhoi.
Call her on 09 4220181 to talk about your property, and whether it is
suitable for sheep.

Annoying Weeds

Sorrel O’Leary here of Krippner Road ( next to Straka’s before the hill).  I am writing to you to draw attention to and express concern, in fact growing alarm at the convovulus that is rapidly taking over large swathes of the creekside planting done some years back by the landcare group.  When this plant first appeared several years ago, Emily’s mother ( lives on the hill above the planting, with the goats) made an attempt to control it, but as with most of us, full time work means not enough time for the land.  It has now killed a number of trees in the planting and is spreading through Torban’s property next door and into our property as well.  We have been hand controlling this basically unkillable weed for a few years now, but other property owners need to be involved.  Anybody who drives through Orewa can see the results on the end reserve, if this weed is allowed to go unchecked.

I have spoken to Bill of the landcare group and he came and sprayed a small section a month ago to judge the effect of this, but said there were so few members of the group active that they could not really help.  I tried to speak to Pippa, another community leader who I thought might have some ideas, but she is away at present, so I thought I would try and open a discussion of the problem by contacting you. The Auckland Council has this advice. We have found a combination of handcontrol and spraying to at least slow it down, as roots can go down to 14 m it is impossible to dig out.  As all properties in Puhoi will eventually be infected by this weed if it remains uncontrolled, I wonder if there is some community mobilisation we can effect, of Krippner Road residents at least, to organise a group to initially hand control it along the planting.  Grazing can also keep this pest under control at least, if not eliminated.

[if anyone has any suggestions about how we could coordinate some of this work, especially now the landcare group is very undermanned, we’d be interested. A working bee, with beer, could be the solution;-) – Ed]

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