Puhoi Fire Brigade report for April 2016


Call outs- a quiet month but two incidents that could have been a lot worse-

Two motor vehicle accidents- (MVA) –

1-      2x truck accident on State highway 1- one a stock truck that overturned- all drivers were pretty much ok, the stock were pretty shaken up and a bit angry- main injury was a person jumping in a barbed wire fence to get out of the way of the rampaging steer!

2-      A two car head on around a blind bend coming into Puhoi- the rental vehicle appeared to be on the wrong side of the road- moderate injuries to one driver- thank goodness for air bags!

New Recruits- welcome to our three newest recruits- Max Koch, Kim Vickers and Lauren Wheeler.Its great to get some young talent in the brigade ( to run up the hills with the hoses!!) and their training has now started in earnest- two days of First Aid training this weekend- then 4 days of basic training later this month at Mt Wellington.

Some of you might have seen the news regarding the amalgamation of all different Fire Services ( NZ Fire, Rural Fire, etc) into one organisation- Fire and Emergency NZ. This will also affect the Puhoi Fire Brigade- in a positive way and we are looking forward to the change- albeit we need to be in our new station by then- June 2017. Watch this space as we ramp up our fundraising efforts to get the station finished ASAP.

As you would expect its now an open season for fires- that said there is still plenty of restrictions on what you can and cannot burn- and as the moisture sets in please be conscious of the smoke nuisance factor as well- it would pay to check out the Councils website for more information in regards to this.

And the best thing we did over the month of April was participate in the ANZAC Day Parade- very humbling to be able to show our respect to those that sacrificed so much.

Keep safe out there,

Puhoi Fire Brigade.

Puhoi Fire Report: March 2016


MVC – 2
Tree Down – 1
Power Lines Down – 1

The weather has remained quite nice for the majority of summer, and even now as we head into the cooler mornings, by afternoon everyone is back in singlets!
As of the 1st April at 0800 the Auckland Rural Mainland became Open Fire Season. However, please continue with some vigilance as the wind and current heat still dries out the grass, resulting in a quicker and hotter burn than thought. The basic rules of not burning plastics, rubber, green vegetation or at night still apply.
The storm on the night of the 25th was an intense one and resulted in a few calls. Remember, if you come across any felled lines do not go near them, in places it is hard to tell the difference between power and phone lines. Then once they are deemed safe by the power company they can be moved by the appropriate person.
In the next few weeks our four new recruits start their training. First up is their Medical Co-Responder course where they learn advanced first aid and how to use an Automatic External Defibrillator.
Chris Farac
Qualified Firefighter
Puhoi Fire Brigade (our thanks to Chris for this monthly service, ed.)


Puhoi Fire Report December – January 2015 -2016

(with appreciation, as always, from Chris Farac)
Summary for 2015 and start of 2016 Scrub Fire – 2, medical – 1, motor vehicle crash- 2 We hope everyone made it safely though the holiday season and is now ready and raring for another year. Well, the heat has been, and so has the rain every few weeks. So far to date we have had only one major scrub fire, which was in a new subdivsion near Stillwater, which we had a crew attend every day for four days straight, working alongside heavy machinery, helicopters and arborists in extinguishing the fire. On the whole it has been quiet around Puhoi with our callouts, with only two handfuls of callouts in the last two months. This is in turn thanks to you for being careful around outdoor fires and burns. So far the occasional bouts of rain have managed to keep the complete fire ban at bay, but we are still very much in a restricted fire season right across Auckland’s mainland. To get a fire permit ring Auckland Council 09 301 0101. Saxon and Mike have travelled twice to Australia to help in the effort to fight the massive fires they have there. They are now back for some much needed rest. Thank you to their families for allowing them to gain this invaluable experience to bring it back home to us. Deployment teams from all over New Zealand are continuing to travel to Australia to help over the next few weeks. We have had a few new recruits start with us and they are currently being put through their
paces before their recruits’ course, which is coming up in the next few months.

Puhoi Fire Brigade October 2015 Report

Call statistics for October –

Scrub Fire – 3
MVC – 1
Weather has been confusing, with some very hot days in the sun but very cool winds and some even cooler nights! But the ground is drying out rapidly! At the moment we are still in an Open Fire Season. However, please do take care with burning as there have already been three big scrub fires around Auckland since spring. And this is just a sign of things to come if the weatherman has it right!
This month we also attended the annual Auckland Rural Fire Brigade Honours night where Auckland Council thanks the volunteers for their work over the previous year. Puhoi had many honours handed out this year from service awards to NZQA accreditations being awarded also. During almost every section there was a member being awarded.

We are still collecting scrap metal at the Fire Station / Puhoi River Motors The scrap collection point has moved though to under the canopy next to the fire station itself, freeing up the car yard. Please remember scrap metal only though. Thanks for your ongoing support here.

We are continuing to recruit new members – if you are over 16 years of age, live locally in Puhoi and have a can- do attitude we are interested in hearing from you. We will supply all the training, uniform and support you need. Contact – Russell Green 021655461

Chris Farac
Qualified Firefighter                                        
Puhoi Fire Brigade    


Fire Brigade Report: September 2015

Call statistics for September –

  • MVC – 2
  • Medical – 2
  • Scrub Fire – 1
  • Road Clean Up – 1
  • Weather Related – 1
  • Fire Alarm – 2

Well the weather has turnned back on for us in the recent weeks with great heat from the sun yet the nights remind us its still not quite summer with temperatures down around 3 degrees some mornings!

Thank you to everyone the other week with your patience during an extended road closure of SH1 from Puhoi to Warkworth, there were a few hundred extra vehicles through Puhoi that day! Our crews worked hard from 5am through to 6pm that night at cordons and attending a scrub fire during the closure period also!

With the weather at the moment it is still an open season, but please remember to keep your fires safe, with the strong winds and the sun burning away it doesn’t take much for little fires to become big ones. And if any concerns ring 111 straight away.

Our latest 3 recruits have finished all their basic training and breathing apparatus training now. And at the same time 5 others have completed all their pump requirements for the appliance. Busy month on the training ground and ready for the big summer they say is coming

We are continuing to recruit new members, if you are over 16 years of age, live locally in Puhoi and have a can do attitude we are interested in hearing from you. We will supply all the training, uniform and support you need. Contact – Russell Green 021655461

Chris Farac

Qualified Firefighter

Puhoi Fire Brigade


Puhoi Rural Fire Force: August 2015 Report

Call statistics for August –

MVC – 3

Medical – 1

Scrub Fire – 1

Assist Ambulance – 2

Road Clean Up – 1

Structure Fire – 1

This month saw a drastic change in our callouts. We attended 2 horrific crashes along with Silverdale and Warkworth Crews in almost the same identical spot. With members assisting in medical and fire duties at both calls, and assisting with landing the Westpac Rescue Helicopter at the second call. The weather washed some debris from rocks faces onto the highway resulting in a clean up call.

On the 17 August we also worked alongside the New Zealand Police and St John Ambulance at an exercise to test the response to a motor vehicle crash at the Johnstone Hill Tunnels. Thankfully the weather held that night and there were some good learning that came of the night. The Puhoi Brigade had a glowing report from the Fire Service Managers of the night!

The weather is slowing changing on us and the sun has some heat in it, summer feels like its on its way! Remember to keep safe with your burn offs, currently it’s open season but still be careful.

Mike has returned from Dunedin where he was on a specialist crew leaders course, he is now allowed to lead a crew in overseas deployments fighting scrub fires, really putting Puhoi on the map!

We are continuing to recruit new members, if you are over 16 years of age, live locally in Puhoi and have a can do attitude we are interested in hearing from you. We will supply all the training, uniform and support you need. Contact – Russell Green 021655461

Chris Farac Qualified Firefighter Puhoi Fire Brigade

Fire Brigade: July 2015 Report

Call statistics for July –

No callouts this month!

July brought a few cold nights this month, with reports of black ice on the roads around Rodney! We hope you are keeping well and warm out there!

Even though we have not turned a wheel with any callouts we have been busy behind the scenes! In late August through to September we have some big assessments coming up for the team. Chainsaw use courses, Pump operator sign offs and our recruits get put their paces at a Breathing Apparatus Course. As well as this we have the Johnstone Hill Tunnel exercise on the 17 August. This is when the emergency plan for the tunnel gets tested to ensure all emergency services are ok with a response to the tunnel.

Remember if you see anything out there that you think we should be aware of please do call 111. And if someone has sustained an injury as a result of a car accident or any substantial force please do not move them. If you need to ring an ambulance, cover them if you are able, leave them to ring for help then go back. Please do not move the patient or patients. This reduces the chance of further injury or damage to them.

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