Post and Parcel Collection during COVID19 Alert Period

[message from Nick and Jo at the General Store]

There will still be deliveries of post to the store until further notice we will be available from 9-12 Monday to Friday for people to collect their parcels and mail from indoor P.O. Boxes

We will identify customers through the shop window we ask that customers adhere to the rules around social distancing or remain in their cars -mail and parcels will be placed on the black side deck tables and then customers can come forward and collect them once we are back inside the store.

There will be no parcel pick ups so please do not drop off any items to be sent.

Thanks regards Nick and Jo

Village Post Arrangements

The General Store is closing for the foreseable future. At this point it’s not clear whether courier and Postal deliveries will continue. Nick has said that he’ll make sure there’s someone around at the store in the mornings so if you’re waiting for a parcel delivery just ask. The post boxes will still be accessible as long as the post arrives.

Message from Our Library

Puhoi Town Library

Covid 19 – Temporary Closure

Due to the confined space within the library we are unable to comply with the social distancing measures recommended by the government and are therefore temporarily closing the library. We will review the situation fortnightly and will keep everyone informed through Judith’s Puhoi newsletter.

This decision has not been taken lightly, but as most of our visitors are tourists from outside the community the risk is higher than if we were just open to local library members.

We were initially worried about the influx of returning New Zealanders, who arrived just before Sunday 15th , who did not have to self-isolate, but we now have to worry about the estimated 80,000 still abroad who have been advised by the government to get back immediately. There are worries that self-isolation is not always being adhered to.

The advice today is for everyone is to “stay apart”.

We do not wish to leave the village devoid of reading material, so Nic has suggested that we place a few boxes of books on his top verandah for locals to fossick through. These books have originally been donated to the library by the community and had not as yet found shelf room. We are now giving them back to the community. You are not required to either return them or pay for them, just enjoy.

Puhoi Forum Meeting Cancelled for March

Dear Forum Members,

In order to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and ensure the continued good health of our community the Co-Chairs of the PCF have decided to cancel this months meeting, scheduled for Tuesday 31st March.  We will be assessing the ongoing situation with regards to this illness and will update the community regarding the April meeting as soon as possible.  Community information will be shared meanwhile through monthly updates via email.

Kind Regards

Dustyn & Paul

PCF Co-Chairs

Market Cancelled For March

With the world facing uncertain times, and coupled with the potential health implications of the COVID-19 virus, the Puhoi Village Market Committee have been reflecting on its impact to our market on Sunday 29 March..

Currently New Zealand has a low number of known cases and as yet we still do not have community spread. However, we are not comfortable that we should carry the associated risk factors.

As such our Committee have decided that we should cancel the March Market.

Remember this is only a temporary situation and we will emerge out the other side.
Meanwhile stay well and look after yourselves, families, friends and neighbours.

Mobile: 021 977 181  Facebook Page

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