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Puhoi Comunity Forum Minutes: 27 FEB 2018


HELD AT PUHOI SPORTS CLUB ON 27 FEB 2018 commencing at 7.30pm


Paul Mason (Chair), Dustyn (co-chair), Sorrel (sec), Terri Ryder, Tessa Berger (Local Board), Jenny Schollum, Sandra Beagley, Luke Krieg


Heston Prosper-Smith, Judith Williams, Brian and Sheryl Titford


Paul Manton, as Chair, welcomed the attendees to the meeting.

1. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING held 30 January 2018

The minutes of the meeting held on 30 January had been previously circulated. The minutes were accepted as being a true and accurate record.

Matters arising from those minutes

Tessa Berger – 10 year budget proposes Targeted rates (extra rate tax) of $150 per dwelling or business per annum. This would be used for sealing of Krippner Rd, Ahuroa Rd, and is aimed at bringing everything forward e.g. Park and Ride in Warkworth, multi sport facility in Warkworth, Comments and visual evidence – 4,000 cars on Ahuroa rd after accident on main road, dust issue due to too much traffic. Traffic issues are impacting strongly on residents. Tessa recommended to keep the pressure on to have this road sealed as a priority. The 10 year budget is targeted through the online market – people Helensville and Warkworth will still have face to face drop in sessions, please go online and make a submission!

Forum to discuss its own submission at the next meeting (Tessa to clarify is sumbissions will still be open at the end of the month for this).

Motion 1

THAT the minutes of the meeting held on 31 October 2017 be confirmed as a true and accurate record.

Moved: Chair

Seconded: Terri Ryder


2. TREASURER’S REPORT for January 2018

All Council grant fund has now been used. Wendy is a signatory but has now retired, signatory to be assumed by secretary, S.Oleary. Thank you, Jenny Schollum, for the treasury report.

Motion 2

THAT accounts be paid.

Moved: Terri Ryder

Seconded: Sandra Beagley



  1. Memorial Gates and flagpole area

Re-siting of gates for PPFM – we have large totara posts and flagpole, Heston will dig holes and concrete them in before 26 March, gates will be re-hung following this.

  1. Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park

Battens are complete and gate in place at entry to Stage 2, Kevin will tidy up this week as necessary. New signage will be made for this new gate with name and rules of use (i.e. dogs on leads). Paul has offered to make signs up and install once designs are approved at an upcoming meeting. Still waiting for Kevin to do battens on the second stage.

Trail maintenance update – walkthrough required with mowing contractor UMS to have central trail and new walkway added to regular maintenance works. Dustyn to contact UMS and organize this. Paul and Dustyn have seen some evidence of workers doing weed control.

Pots from planting could be returned to Rodney or some other source of recycling.

Use the funds from Puhoi Landcare Group – contact Shelley to see if she can access funds – for next planting stage. Identification of planting area and timeline – two volunteer planting days – one in June/July one in September, Sorrel to publicize once organized and plants procured.

Opening day walk with cutting of ribbon was also mentioned.

  1. Freedom Camping Bylaw

6 months away from a bylaw by Auckland Council and will have active enforcement. is a downloadable app for anyone to lease their land for camping (on paying or nonpaying terms) to anyone they want. Currently there are rules saying there is no camping, but there is no penalty for non compliance. Clarify whether this covers tent camping as well as camper vans.

  1. Working Groups Updates

Traffic Safety Group

  • Ian Bateman sent in a comment about the SH1 slip lane and the difficulties in pulling out into southbound traffic. The slip lane is not being removed as Russell pointed out issues for fire trucks. Current measures have condensed traffic by slowing it, discussion of a concrete divider option.

  • NX2 meeting in March – Dustyn to attend and table this as an item.

  • Road safety group will re-visiting sidewalk bollards and parking signage as parking pressure on village space is becoming even more of an issue. E.g. 35 cars in front of store during weekdays, often angle parked – NX2 workers, visitors, locals, other tradies all contributing. Tessa proposes have a parking plan done, Ellen Barrett. Current plan is to block off parking on footpaths with low timber sleepers and improve signs indicating the parking over the bridge. Bus parking only signs discussed- push for 30 km shared space proposed by Paul. 5min parking for store only. Aim is to start with stopping parking on footpaths and redirecting to available parking in River Park.

  • Group also to look at completing Gillian’s walkway as soon as possible.

  • Luke from Bruce McGregor ( new to Puhoi and works for NZTA) is keen to join the Road Safety Group.

  • Terri met with Bernie, rescheduled to visit during bus time in the morning, to have a presence. New bus stop proposed at entrance of Rosa Villa Lane to help take futher pressure off the center of the village.

  • Civil defence – no one present

  • Neighbourhood support – no one present

  • Library – nothing to report

  • Historical Society – no one present

  • Farmers Market – 10th anniversary day was very successful, good numbers attending

  • Sports Club – new president, Brendan wanting to develop closer links/ better communication with Forum. A new committee, formal welcome from Forum.

Meeting closed at 8.50pm


The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 27 March 2018 at 7.30pm.


Get In the Swim

Ahuroa School has an opportunity to provide free after school swimming lessons to our community. If you are interested please contact Christine at the school office. If we have enough interest these could possibly start this week:)

Ages 0-99 (100 year olds catered for on application)

Kind regards

Michelle Nell
M.Ed Leadership(Hons), B.Ed(Tchg), H.Dip Ed
Tel: 09 422 5898

Puhoi Community Forum Agenda: Meeting 27th Feb 2018



1. Confirmation of the Minutes of previous Meeting held on 30 JANUARY 2017

2. Matters Arising from those Minutes (not appearing on this Agenda)

3. Treasurer’s Report for January 2017 – Jenny Schollum

4. General Business
(i) Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park
Trail maintenance and fencing – update from Tessa, Sorrel, Paul.
Review of Maintenance Plan timeline

(ii) Working Groups – updates
Road Safety Group
Civil Defence
Neighbourhood Support

NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 29 March at 7.30pm.

Scrapping the Scrap



We would like to inform the community that we will no longer collect scrap steel for our Brigade fundraising-as of 10th February onwards.

We thank everyone one who has contributed their scrap steel  over the last 8 years, but for several reasons it usefulness has come to an end.

The unsightliness of a pile of scrap steel at the site of the old fire station, on the main thoroughfare through Puhoi is now unwelcome.


Please contact Alexandras Scrap Metal directly on 09 4269150 to arrange collections, or better still you can take it direct to their yard in 35 Forge Road Silverdale.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE- no more scrap to be dropped off at 1 Ahuroa Road from tomorrow, Saturday 10.


Thank you, Chief Fire Officer Russell Green 021655461


School Buses

[via Terri Ryder]
Just a gentle reminder to all that schools are back now so school buses will be on the road again, and in the village. Please remember it is 20kph when passing a stationary school bus. There are 4 school buses that come into Puhoi village with 3 heading back out to the highway and 1 going over the hill to Ahuroa. They are around in Puhoi from 7:30ish – 8 and back again 3:30ish, 4 and 4:20ish in the afternoons. Thanks

Forum Agenda: 30th Jan 2018





  1. Confirmation of the Minutes of previous Meeting held on 28 NOVEMBER 2017

  1. Matters Arising from those Minutes (not appearing on this Agenda)

  1. Treasurer’s Report for December 2017 (previously circulated) – Jenny Schollum

  1. General Business

  1. Puhoi Pioneers Memorial Park

      • Trail maintenance.

  1. Working Groups – updates

  • Road Safety Group

  • Civil Defence

  • Neighbourhood Support

  • Others

  1. Village market – Judith Williams

NEXT MEETING: The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 27 February at 7.30pm.