Cause to celebrate?

NZTA has advised that the 80km/h (rather aspirational at the moment – Ed 😉 at the Puhoi/State Highway 1 intersection will now be given effect to on 20 December, together with the new 80km/h zones at each end of Kaukapakapa on SH 16.

Successful Petition, Great Video

A big thanks to Sarah Churchouse for getting 290 signatures (pretty much the whole village!) on her petition to get a more appropriate speed limit around the Puho SH1 intersection. There’s still time to give your support…

Check out this great little video too,  made by Mahurangi Matters about our SH1 issue …

Excellent presentation Kathy!

Snail on Road

Hi all,

I am “expecting” a relocatable house to be transported to our land in Ahuroa Valley Rd, Thursday [postponed from Wednesday] night. This may cause some disruption/holdups for early workers especially those who travel over the glorious hill in between Ahuroa and Puhoi, the house movers have told me they are meant to be off the road by 5.00am, but i have heard, and am beginning to discover myself, that house movers aren’t particularly reliable or timely. So as a heads up, they may be on the roads later than 5.00am . This move has been scheduled for the last five weeks and they keep pushing it back, i didn’t want to post until I had a definite date, and i have just had a call from them saying tomorrow or the next night. I hope this doesn’t cause too much disruption for anyone, and i hope i’m not writing the same message in two weeks time.

Please if anyone needs to ask anything, post here or call me 02108184709