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Announcing “Puhoi Souvenirs” : A Fundraiser for the proposed Puhoi Historic Model Village project.

Alex Kirichuk and Larry Mitchell have been busy putting together “Puhoi Souvenirs”, a local small business whose plan it is to market all manner of locally produced products to benefit the funds raised for the model village and blacksmith’s shop projects (more of these plans in the New Year!).

Each sale made, bearing the Puhoi Souvenir Bohemian coat of arms sticker/labels will result in a portion of the proceeds being donated to this worthy cause.

Local artisan’s, traders and others who just want to help are invited to discuss with Alex and Larry their joint marketing plans.

This way, the local and tourist trade is serviced with genuine Puhoi product … local suppliers are given an outlet for their marketing and the Park Project benefits.

Look for the Puhoi Souvenir presence in the red Gazebo tent by the Rotunda this Sunday (market day) and at the Wood chopping on 11 January.

All enquiries to Larry 09 4220598