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How to Make a Submission on the Moirs Hill/Ahoroa Road Subdivision – this is the link to the publicly notified application on Council’s website – it’s the one called Moirs Hill Watson Road Pohuehue – submissions close on 10 October 2016 – the link contains all the application associated documents (enough to blind anyone with science!!) but also a link to the submission form you can fill out to make a submission

Rezoning Appeal

Here is a copy of our Appeal Notice ENV-AKL-2016-000195 as filed with the Environment Court. The forum has contributed $200 towards the $511 fee for this. If anyone on the village would like to contribute a small amount towards the cost we would appreciate it. We see this as an opportunity to at least voice our opinion on the unwanted rezoning of a large tract of land adjacent to the village for dense housing. Our PO Box is 404172 – I’ll just repay the forum if we receive more than the outstanding cost.


Thought we were joking about Millwater?

[Via Andrew Cranna-Powell]

I got a letter from the Council in the mail today regarding a truly massive subdivision in Puhoi/Moirs/Ahuroa East area, which is at the resource consent stage. The letter was notifying affected residents of the resource consent that has been lodged by Asia Pacific International.

I attach an outline map of the areas and it is a large amount of the previous Carter Holt forestry area – 1300ha(!!) in this case, and proposes 207 rural residential lots. It stretches from the village and is bounded by Ahuroa Road, SH1 and to the north goes well past Moirs Hill Road.

I am sending this through as the deadline for submissions on this is 10th October, just under a month away, and the more notice that can be provided to residents who may wish to submit, the better.

The application numbers for the consents are SLC 66696, REG 66698, REG 66699 and the consent can be viewed on the council website by searching for current publicly notified applications.

The days of this neck of the woods being quiet, small scale rural settlements are well and truly ending….

Kind regards

Andrew Cranna-Powell

Ahuroa Road

Puhoi Asia Pacific Subdivision 207 houses outline map