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Cause to celebrate?

NZTA has advised that the 80km/h (rather aspirational at the moment – Ed 😉 at the Puhoi/State Highway 1 intersection will now be given effect to on 20 December, together with the new 80km/h zones at each end of Kaukapakapa on SH 16.

Puhoi Amenities

Unfortunately Puhoi isn’t well served as a residential area. Services and facilities aren’t available that you might expect in a small rural town. This is due to its small population, terrain and history.

With pressure for increased development, we need to ensure the infrastructure is built in tandem. Below is a table showing, hopefully objectively, how Puhoi might compare with similar towns.

Facility Availability Level
Road Access Puhoi Rd to SH1 (sealed) Poor*
  Krippner Rd to Waiwera/Orewa (unsealed) Poor
  Ahuroa Rd to Ahuroa (unsealed) Poor
Pedestrian Access Footpaths in village centre, none >0.5km Poor
Town Water None Poor
Town Sewage None Poor
Power Reliable since recent upgrades Good
Landline Available Good
Broadband VDSL in village centre, patchy >1km Fair
Mobile Patchy (some in village centre) Poor
Postal Delivery None Poor
Courier Delivery None Poor
Pre school None (Playgroup in village) Poor
Primary Schools None (Auhoroa 14km, Orewa 12km) Poor
Secondary Schools None (Orewa 12km, Warkworth 15km) Poor
Public Transport None (Waiwera 6km) Poor
Taxi None (Orewa 12km) Poor
Doctor None (Orewa 12km) Poor
Dentist None (Orewa 12km) Poor
Shops One convenience store in village Fair
Supermarket None (Orewa 12km) Poor
Petrol Station None (Orewa 12km) Poor
Bank None (Orewa 12km) Poor
Library Small (community run) Good
Hall Yes (community run) Good
Sports Facilities Soccer,Rugby, Tennis Courts (community run) Fair

* At the time of writing, the single sealed road giving access from the village to SH1 is presenting considerable problems for the village. Increased traffic flows on the trunk road make it dangerous and difficult to merge onto from Puhoi. At holiday times many residents simply will not leave the village unless absolutely essential. Forthcoming works to build the new Northern Motorway extension are likely to exacerbate this in the medium term, and the new motorway offers no relief for the village unless traffic flows decrease significantly on the old road



Great Opportunity Brewing

A rare opportunity to own a boutique coffee roasting business with a customer base from Albany to Warkworth, currently operating as a part time business, approximately 10 hours per week, roasting coffee and supplying to a range of customers, both retail and wholesale.

It would suit someone:

• wishing to have a part-time hobby business, or

• wants to add to an existing coffee business such as a café or coffee van – cut out the middle men and roast your own coffee at a fraction of the cost, and with an additional revenue stream, or

• you may be that marketing person who is looking for a change.


Contact Daphne on (027) 4715255 or Darryll (027) 4768581. 

How to Make a Submission on the Moirs Hill/Ahoroa Road Subdivision – this is the link to the publicly notified application on Council’s website – it’s the one called Moirs Hill Watson Road Pohuehue – submissions close on 10 October 2016 – the link contains all the application associated documents (enough to blind anyone with science!!) but also a link to the submission form you can fill out to make a submission

Rezoning Appeal

Here is a copy of our Appeal Notice ENV-AKL-2016-000195 as filed with the Environment Court. The forum has contributed $200 towards the $511 fee for this. If anyone on the village would like to contribute a small amount towards the cost we would appreciate it. We see this as an opportunity to at least voice our opinion on the unwanted rezoning of a large tract of land adjacent to the village for dense housing. Our PO Box is 404172 – I’ll just repay the forum if we receive more than the outstanding cost.